Italian paper mill of high quality board and cores

Cartiera di Ferrara is an Italian paper mill with over 30 years of experience. It is located in Ferrara, close to the ports of Ravenna and Venice. Bologna and Venice international airports are just 30 minutes’ and 60 minutes’ drive from the factory.

Cartiera di Ferrara stands out as a leader in Italy, being the only private family-owned integrated paper mill, producing both high quality board and cores.

The company was established in 1985 but the plant has been totally renewed in 2002. Since then on, many improvements have been constantly made. In 2016 new investments have been planned in order to improve products’ quality, increase production output and reduce energy costs too.

The company exports a big part of its production to over 25 countries around the globe and over 80% of the entire production is allocated to the export business.

The annual output of core board is about 80.000 MT. Thanks to new investments they will reach 110.000 MT in 2016.

Cartiera di Ferrara produces core board starting from 190 gsm up to 600 gsm. Bulk goes from 1.1 to 1.57.

The high resistance of their board is proved by the fact that Ply Bond values can reach up to 1000 j/m². In 2016 the company will be able to overcome this value as well.

Regarding the cores, Cartiera di Ferrara, manufactures products for all markets, producing smooth surface tubes as well, starting from 25 mm till 10 meter long, with inside diameter that goes from 70 mm till 600 mm and wall thickness up to 25 mm. Their annual production of cores is around 25.000 MT.

The core-division consists of 5 lines producing different kinds of cores starting from big tubes for construction up to small tubes for adhesive tapes.

The paper machine has a quality automatic product and process control on line of latest generation of DCS and QCS. The company has its own quality control department which is made up of 4 highly qualified engineers. Both board and core division have their own technical laboratory which are very well equipped with lab instruments specific to test board and cores.

The company is proud of being certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which guarantee the highest quality of their products. They have also obtained FSC certification.


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