Design and supply of tailor made complete dry pasta lines

Axor Ocrim is specialized in the design and supply of tailor made complete dry pasta lines for short-cut, long-cut, special pasta shapes and several other food products. It has supplied over a hundred lines with capacities ranging from 500 kg/h to 6,000 kg/h in over 30 countries.

Thanks to its continuous investments in technology development and automation, and its strong customer service, Axor Ocrim is today the fastest growing supplier in its field. Axor Ocrim lines are operated by some of the largest producers in Italy as well as in North and South America, Africa and in the Middle East meeting their most different needs in terms of finished products and raw materials quality, but also for the tailor-made engineering and the construction standards, starting from single equipments up to complete turnkey projects.

Axor Ocrim range of products has grown in the past years to cover also new products lines as snacks, pellets, gluten free pasta, Instant Pasta, Asiatic Noodles, Couscous, Bulgur and much more. Also in this fields, Axor Ocrim has gained an important reputation selling equipment to some of the largest players in the market in Italy and elsewhere.

Axor Ocrim is located in Cento (FE) in a modern production plant with a floor surface of 5,000 square meters where it engineers and designs, manufactures and assembles all key equipment of the lines. The production unit is fitted with the most advanced machinery such as: robotized sheet stainless steel machining systems, sheet metal and steelwork machining centers fitted with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) control, welding machines based on cutting edge technologies designed to ensure the maximum accuracy in the machine manufacturing.

Axor Ocrim is part of the Mazzoni LB group, a leading engineering company specialized in the design and supply of plants and equipment for the soap and confectionary as well as through its controlled companies IIT, specialized in the manufacturing of sulfonating and detergent plants, Bertuzzi Food Processing, for fruit and vegetable processing. Axor Ocrim has started in 2012 a technical and commercial alliance with the Ocrim Group, a leading supplier of high quality milling processing plants so offering to its customers the possibility to have a sole interlocutor for their flour, pasta and snacks production requirements. This cooperation creates a group with strong R&D, engineering and manufacturing departments, and with a sales network present in all the main world markets and with a combined yearly turnover exceeding 200 millions Euro and more than 400 employees.


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