Colimatic: a step forward

The high quality features of COLIMATIC packaging machine allow the company COLIGROUP SPA to propose machines which are more reliable, versatile and functional than any other packaging machine. The accurate hygiene level (thanks to rounded shapes and sloping surfaces for water draining during machine washing), their easy functioning and cheap managing allowed the company to become market-leader in the packaging industry.

The competence in extending the product shelf life, presented with a nice and modern pack, is one of the winning features of COLIMATIC thermoforming and traysealer machines. In this area, considering the close contact of the pack with the foodstuff, it is essential to ensure the highest quality and prevent any external contamination.

Coligroup unrivalled reputation comes after a 40- year experience in designing and manufacturing innovative machinery systems. Thanks to the know-how achieved with its packaging turn-key project management, with the most renowned companies in the foodstuff and medical field, Coligroup is sure to meet all the most challenging packaging expectations for the retail and food industries as well.

THE COLIGROUP packaging machinery range includes: thermoforming machines, which are the Coligroup’s core business, tray sealing machines, vacuum chamber machines and flowpack&vacuum combined systems. Any brand and technology for labeling, printing & product loading systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are the accessories, which make the packaging systems offer complete, efficient and unique! The lasagna&ready meals processing and packaging lines, together with several other medical & food turn-key projects managed by COLIGROUP SPA is a step forward to higher reputation, reliability & a new standard of quality!

Designed in every details, THERA series thermoforming machine represent the highest level of Italian technology, experience and reliability. The renowned models Thera 250, Thera 450 and Thera 650 are used to pack a wide range of foodstuffs products, to meet various customer layout needs – enabling customers to select the machine size that best suits them. 

Additionally within each version there are a number of options available to provide pack size flexibility and different output levels.

The main machine’s features are:

High production speed; Brushless motorization allows energy saving and controls the engine for the handling of the entire production; Extreme rationalization in film using, with a considerable scraps reduction: due to a different vacuum and MAP technology, THERA thermoforming machines have 10mm lateral scrap only on the bottom film!!; Top security of vacuum level and oxygen residual inside the packaging. Total sterilization of loading area is possible ,according to last European directives concerning foodstuff; A set of specific safety covers and warning alarms are installed on THERA 650, in order to assure the total control of dangerous process.

Colimatic packaging machines can work with any kind of packaging material (laminated, plastic, paper or shrinking film) and can be equipped with any sort of automatic loader, dosing system or printing device.

Recently Coligroup R&D dept has developed a brand new and revolutionary range of traysealing machines, the TDF series. Machines’ frames are completely realized in stainless steel with metal sheets obtained by laser cutting and electrically welded holding components. The high packaging flexibility is guaranteed by the Brushless servomotor management which optimize the functioning cycle according to the product exigencies. It creates an interconnection between the various elements in motion by means of electronic cam and the energy recovery system generated by the machine motor during braking is used to drive other motors installed in the system (KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

The high level of hygiene is guaranteed by the realization of sloping surfaces and easy dismantling system of the inlet conveyor.

Moreover Coligroup’s commitment to preserve the environment by reducing Co2 emissions, is highlighted by our machines features & peculiarities (standard spare parts). The R&D Department is always striving to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, by using components that require less energy consumption and working on new packaging materials. Result of this continuous effort are the paper forming machines & the carton MAP packaging systems.

All Colimatic machines are designed and exclusively personalized according to the customers exact requirements. The extensive lists of satisfied customers represent a great number of large and small organizations, which completely rely on COLIMATIC to fulfill their packaging needs!


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