Turnkey supplies, with no compromise

BBM Service is an Italian Company with a long-term and widely renowned experience in the beverage market, specialized in the supply of TURN-KEY plants for water and soft drinks.
Our mission is focused on delivering high technical services and values.
We are not traders of machines, we are a proven skilled team able to deliver effective and value-added technical solutions tailor made on your real needs, granting the results you expect from us.
You can count on an all-round support:
from preliminary analysis of the business opportunity, through engineering and design of the production plant, then supply of recognized European quality brand new or used-refurbished machines, offering maximum flexibility in terms of budget requirements, performance and efficiency.
Our specialists can provide necessary recommendations and reliable answers based on the understanding of your local market trends and consumer’s demand, thus provide cost-effective and flexible solutions able to suit your business plans within the timeline you foreseen.
You can count and rely on an unique contractor able to manage a turnkey package throughout all stages, from the preliminary project till the final commissioning at your site.
Our experience and know-how can help you achieve your goals.
We can support you in designing and building your customized solutions for any applications in the beverage field, offering maximum flexibility in terms of construction, performance and cost.
4.100 m2 SHOWROOM
Where our range of refurbished machines can be audited, inspected and tested with your products.
A great opportunity to be sure of what you are going to invest your money for, before signing any agreement, thus controlling them during the progress of the activities till the factory acceptance test.
1.800 m2 WAREHOUSE
Where held a wide stock of genuine and alternative spare parts for different machines, ready to be quickly delivered when you need them.
Our team of over 50 qualified engineers experienced on processes and machines are available round-the-clock to assist you throughout your machines’ lifecycle:
-on-site installation,
-on-line & on-field technical assistance,
-preventive maintenance,
-diagnostic visits.

When the line is laid down, you need a skilled team of professionals engineers to make it run efficiently.
We will assist you for the life cycle of the machines.
• Hotline support.
Our hotline assistance will help you to rapidly identify the malfunctioning therefore will drive your skilled engineers step by step for immediately fix it.
• On-site field technical service.
You can rely on our team of more than 50 qualified engineers to join you on field to solve
the emergency and make your machines run again in the shortest possible time.
• Full-service maintenance agreement.
Keeping the performance at the top for the whole lifecycle of your machines.
Get proactively involved your people is critical to the success of your business.
We are glad to share our know-how with your team.
You can benefit from our technical on-site trainings:
our skilled engineers will convey precious information to help your staff to operate the machines on their own, to detect malfunctions and quickly fix them, to run the machines more efficiently.
BBM’s logistics engineering services are turnkey programs that comprise preliminary design, planning and management of activities at different stages and means, start-up and commissioning of the production line at known times and costs.

  • Design of new production line layouts.
  • Planning and management of relocation activities.
  • Organization and management of logistic means

Whether for emergencies or normal wear and tear, BBM represents a valid alternative source for spare parts characterized by a wide range of items available in stock, quick delivery and competitive prices.
BBM supplies both genuine and compatible spare parts for the leading international manufacturers’ machines.
A valid alternative source that frees you from constraints and helps you solve problems quickly.
If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative option instead of buy new parts, you can benefit from our additional services:

  • Refurbishment and rebuilding of your parts.
  • Exchange of overhauled assemblies.
  • Tailor made parts manufacturing.



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