Nitrogen for beverage

Gas self-production means lower operating costs and significant cost-savings. The range of Atlas Copco generators have been designed in order to converge the need to have high purities to the need of low cost productivity, for large and small flow rates.
Looking at the technological developments of recent years, research efforts have gone more and more toward a facilitation and a streamlining of productive reality.
Focus on the sustainability of food production, great attention has been paid in prolonging the shelf life of the products of this sector.

It is known that the Food & Beverage sector employees different “additives”, recognized and authorized for all food products without any restrictions by the Italian and European legislation.
In this case, we talk about gases (or gases mixtures) that avoid that the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product may deteriorate over time.
The use of controlled atmospheres is the more necessary the more the product quality has to be preserved for a long time, as, for example, in the export of products of excellence of our country.

Soft drinks, wine and beer are generally the products of interest, but also for the packaging of water in plastic bottles: the slight overpressure allows the use of containers with thinner thickness, without causing problems of transport.
Leader in sustainable technology and continuous innovation, Atlas Copco offers two complete ranges of Nitrogen generators through which it has become a valuable partner to service of the largest national and international production companies.
Efficiency and technology characterize the NGP and NGP+ nitrogen generators and the whole chain of production of compressed air and air treatment, of which Atlas Copco can proudly define itself only supplier.

Daily quality assertions of our partner companies confirm that the plants Atlas Copco are reliable in time and provide a continuous and efficient production.
Who uses the solutions to the gas self-generation Atlas Copco can test a real economic savings and improved reliability of production, given by continuously monitoring parameters even remotely.
All these targets are achieved by working on the applications of our partners and developing customized projects, working shoulder to shoulder for a common and profitable growth.


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