Dynamic and Proactive solutions

frontefabb-1We’ve been leaders in the self-adhesive labels market for over 40 years.From the start, our main objectives have been Client satisfaction in terms of quality,  prompt deliveries, flexible  and competitive prices. To reach these goals, we continue to invest in cutting-edge tecnologies and to meet the daily demands of the market with dynamic  and proactively targeted solutions in every sector. Today our clients have become our partners, sharing a relationship of mutual trust we’ve developed with them by carefully considering their particular issues and then  solving them with targeted productions.

produzioneTo confirm the quality of the solutions proposed, our offer of self-adhesive labels has gone beyond the borders of Italy and is today international.

Speed and flexibility characterize the way we produce. As born builders and innovators in a continually evolving field, the best technologies on the market are part of our daily offer. To attain competitive results like these, we make heavy annual investments of financial resources and human capital.

Avazate-linee-di-produzione-1.1 copiaTo meet all of  our clients’ needs we offer extreme flexibility and dynamically organized production. Thanks to multiple lines of interchangeable printheads, to the input of our in-house graphic studio and to warehouses always supplied with a vast selection of raw materials, we’re able to follow-up urgent orders with fast deliveries.

Our production lines permit a market offer of multiple self-adhesive label  typologies that can be printed with mixed techniques such as flexography, typography, silk screen, hot and cold film transfers, hologram insertions, etc. And – last but not least – our latest generation systems permit total  control of production.

MAGAZZ PULFlexibility and versatility. This is our way of presenting your labels to the market.

Today it’s undeniable that  a label  is both a product’s visiting card to its end-user and a factor adding  value to its packaging. It has to be both a source of information on content, for inserting barcodes and other track-and-trace and authentication

devices, as well as promotion and decoration according its determined marketing/business strategies . For this, the practicality and versatility of being self-adhesive, given the evolution and diversification of packaging in time, represents a valuable instrument for the product’s development and the way it communicates on the market.

19-11-a-Interno-artes-2013+2mm-abbondOur self-adhesive labels have always been ideal and innovative partners in time for their offer of incomparable flexibility.

Today, with over 40 years of experience in the self-adhesive labels sector, a profound knowledge of the various productive procedures, areas of application and technological opportunities not to mention the legislative and physical restrictions on materials used in packaging, ARTES is able to offer an increasingly incisive, broad and diversified production.

Thanks to the digitalized creativity of our graphic services ideas take  form fast for Clients who’ve  always been offered an impressive series of qualified graphic and pre-print services realized by professionals using dedicated software of absolute value in the labeling field such as ArtPro™ .

Our Graphic  and Pre-print Dept. working in close collaboration with Production, can quickly optimize the identity  of our clients’ products from the development of the sketches to the realization of final printouts.

To raise quality even higher, we’ve introduced our in-house electrotype print production system with CDI ESKO high resolution digital technology, bringing us our HD FLEXO certification and allowing  us to realize offset process quality with the more efficient flexographic printing.

With this Department’s feedback on the productive impact of the evolution of IT systems added to our own decades of hands-on experience, we’re now able to propose innovative solutions allowing  our our clients to distinguish themselves while enhancing their incisivity and  impact in qualifying  their offers on the market .



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