Allegri, flexible houses fot he food industry

Schermata 2017-04-10 alle 15.09.36Pharmaline N GP hose is complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 requirements. It ‘also a version of anti-static PTFE, W.Pharmaline N AS, also complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3297 requirements.

Both hoses have been tested and conform to USP Class VI, including the elution test (cytotoxicity). They are covered with a braid AISI 316 SS and further coverage of cured silicone White “Platinum Cured”(post cured at 200°C for 4 hours in compliance with the requirements of the USP Class VI).

There are alternatives to the silicone cover on customer request: clear transparent covers that are approved by the USP Class VI; Other colors are available but not approved by USP Class VI.

Pharmaline X

W.Pharmaline X is a very flexible smoothbore inside PTFE hose convoluted outside included a 316 SS helical reinforcing wire with a clear transparent  silicone “Platinum Cured”. It is designed to replace conventional all-silicone rubber hoses in application where the inner silicone rubber linear may be subject to chemical reaction with fluids passing through, which may either contaminate the fluid itself, or degrade the rubber liner.


Thanks to its high purity the Pharmaline X is designed for uses not burdensome and high hygiene where the operating pressure is not high; It is particularly suitable in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food due to its high degree of cleaning inside and outside. It ‘also used in industrial general applications, especially for the passage of hot liquids and gases.


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