ALTECH Advanced Labelling Technologies

alcod-p-300ALTECH is an Italian company, founded in 1991, who designs and manufactures industrial labelling machines and material identification systems.

Recognized innovators in the identification, coding and traceability of materials, it operates worldwide through 80 resellers and three subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom, the United States and Argentina.


  • Expert personnel with a true passion for engineering
  • Machines and systems designed to be modular and expandable ; all components are accessible and interchangeable.
  • Use of high-strength alloys, high-reliability electronic and pneumatic components.
  • Compliance with safety requirements and good manufacturing practices.

Range and solutions

alritma-okALTECH standard range encompasses the following products:

ALstep – low-cost applicator featuring modular and flexible configuration. It is equipped with reels of 300 mm diameter and 100 mm label length, granting speed 30m/min max of the S version (15 m/min for E version).

ALritma – high-performance label applicator, which can be easily integrated in packaging lines where high yield and reliability are essential requirements. Reels with 300mm diam. Max labelling speed 40m/min for the standard version, and 90 m/min for the X version (with reels of diam. 400 mm). It is also available with thermal transfer printing group in the ALritmaT version, for print/apply applications.

ALline – in-line labelling systems can be configured for labelling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, or for the labelling of fast-moving or irregularly-shaped products.

Its modular design, integrating ALstep and/or ALritma heads, can be configured upon customer’s requirements.

alline_apertaALpharma – the ALpharma range is expressly designed for labelling and carefully checking medical vials, ampoules, cases and bottles and adapts to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The machines are tested and certified according to IQ/OQ validation processes. 

ALcode – print/apply units for label printing/applying in real time. The printing group (SATO or compatibles) can operate on-line from a PC for data transmission to be printed on the label to be applied on the product at once. The labels can be printed with different information, as it is for pallet labelling: ALcode P version is studied and built for pallet double-sided labelling up to 120 p/h.


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