Beyond the machine

From the ability to take full advantage of talent to an increase in company capital – two crucial factors contributing to the substantial growth of Makro Labelling, which in 2016 reached a total of 550 installations and confirmed its expansion on markets throughout the world.  

Builders of machines, but that’s not all. In 2009 at Goito near Mantua, land of small and medium-sized enterprises, five partners (Massimo Manzotti, sales manager, Cesare Lavarini, production manager with his son Luca, Simone Marcantoni, electronics designer, Marco Bellini, mechanics designer, and Stefano Ghizzi, purchase and spare parts manager) set up Makro Labelling specialising in the design and production of complete labelling lines for the beverages, food, home and personal care and pharmaceutical sectors.

In just a few years, Makro Labelling became one of the sector’s leading companies, thanks to a new way of responding to the market and its needs. Today, the company ends 2016 with a turnover of € 19 million, confirming the constant growth which in 2016 saw the company’s capital pass from € 500,000 to € 1,150,000, proof of Makro’s corporate soundness and growing credibility on the market.

Research, design of modular solutions and, above all, before and after-sales service: the five partners immediately focussed on these salient aspects, together with a complete range of labellers for all sectors, winning an important slice of both the home and international markets – in Europe, principally France and England where (particularly in the latter through the Makro UK branch office run by Makro partner Richard Portman) a good growth margin was achieved during the second half of the year, and Spain, in the strategic La Rioja and Penedès regions; then also in the USA, Russia, the former Soviet Union, Middle East, South America and Africa.

There is something unique about every sector and every country. It is this awareness which enables us to supply products and services able to satisfy the customers’ needs effectively, comments Massimo Manzotti, President and Sales Director of Makro Labelling. This is why it is crucial to relate to the customer, creating the synergy indispensable to design not just any machine, but his or her machine.”

A business strategy confirmed by the latest machines installed at the L’Oréal and Toschi Vignola premises, where the key factors were precisely the ability to provide a rapid precise technical and after-sales service and products able to satisfy the need for top quality label application. Enabling Makro Labelling to celebrate the goal of a total 550 installations throughout the world, both supplies are a source of pride for the entire Makro Labelling team. “We have always believed in the value of teamwork and the contribution of everyone working in Makro Labelling. Over the years, this has made us a stimulating and sought-after company to work for and has allowed us to operate with passion, professionalism and competence. The Makro people amount to more than 75, a fundamental human capital and a perfect mix of skills, allowing us to offer not just excellent machines, but also an immediate and swift technical before and after sales and spare parts service, a distinctive feature of our company. It is this same human capital that has enabled us to continue developing extraordinary patents, such as the Follower and AHS2 unit and create the modular RollFeed group, an innovation greatly appreciated by our customers“, concludes Manzotti.

In 2017, the company expects to continue its expansion on export markets, particularly China and South East Asia, relatively new markets where major investments are underway. The calendar of participation in important international events also continues, with Enomaq at Zaragoza from 14 to 17 February, InterPack at Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May, Fispal at San Paolo from 27 to 30 June, DrinkTec at Munich (Germany’s most important four-yearly beverages exhibition) from 11 to 15 September and Pack Expo at Las Vegas from 25 to 27 September.


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