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Bankruptcy n.22/2015 of the Tribunal of Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Company sale or rental of AZ SURGELATI SpA. bankrupt company located in Località Agglomerato Industriale San Marco – 81100 Marcianise (CE) having as company object the production, quick-freezing and packaging of pizza and backery products

Price reduced by 19% in comparison to asset evaluation
The assets include:
  • Diary and freezing department lines for mozzarella production
  • Focaccia and pizza production lines (kneader, dough dividers and rounders, leavening machine, topping rolling line, ovens, etc.)
  • Quick-freezing and packaging lines
  • Various plants and lines
  • Laboratory
  • Offices, dining hall, workshop and locker rooms
  • Other

Interested parties are invited to register to the website and download from document section:

  • Sale notice and irrevocable purchasing offer
  • Information about the company and goodwill report
  • Movable property evaluation
  • Real Estate evaluation

Details are available on the page dedicated to the auction 1183; for further information, please contact the company IT Auction srl: +39.0546.046747;


Since 1991 the company AZ SURGELATI S.P.A., now into liquidation, has been working in the production and the selling of frozen food. Over time the company has enriched the market creating a series of products that were able to change radically the relationship between the preparation time and the joys of pizza.

Among these products, the most relevant were the pizza Bio, Whole-Grain and the new gluten-free. The company also used to produce both frozen pizza for the retail market and pizza in bigger s for the catering industry. At the beginning, they used to produce for third parties such as the brand “Bella Napoli” owned by Italgel (now property of Nestlé Italia).

In the 18,000 sqm facility the company used to produce every day pizza, bases for pizza and frozen snacks that were then intended for the sale in Italy and abroad under their own brand or under the name of private brands. The facility was designed to produce non-stop with more than 15 weekly shifts (24/24, 5 days a week).

Over the years the company has undergone a great expansion gaining a leadership position in Europe. The company used to produce for the following brands: Pulcinella, Scugnizza, Gennarì, Capriccio Napoletano, Fornarina, guarnì, santa chiara, a’ pizza, pizza & core, tex mex, frusta, pizzamia, pizzopia, integrali. Export sales reached 20% of the total sales and made AZ Surgelati present in many countries including Swiss, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Singapore and South Korea.

According to a sectoral analysis done by Plimsoll Publishing Limited, in 2015 AZ Surgelati was ranked 17th among the largest companies in the sector and 24th among the most profitable.


According to the evaluations on the minute, the company includes:


An industrial facility based in Marcianise (CE) made of 3 buildings and the relative open space appurtenances for a 20,425 sqm lot area.

The above-mentioned warehouses are located on the property of Agglomerato A.S.I. of S.Marco Evangelista and are arranged as follows:

  • Warehouse n.1, includes manufacturing and production unit in which are located: N.1 primary line with oven and the necessary areas for the execution of the various activities connected to it (preparation of the semi-finished products, packaging, washing, supervision, etc.); several quick-freezing cells; topping (ground floor) with quick-freezing cells and deposit annexed; (first floor) the locker rooms and restrooms. Overall the area covers 3.656 sq.m that has been partially damaged (both structure and lines) by a fire that took place on the 13.10.2012;
  • Ware house n.2, includes other production units equipped with several accessory lines that include: quick-freezing cells, offices, locker rooms, restrooms and some hoists; (first floor) dining halls, locker rooms, restrooms, mozzarella production lines, more cells, locker rooms and restrooms. Overall the area covers 2.275 sq.m
  • Warehouse n.3 includes mainly production and storage units: cells, offices (managment offices, meeting room), workshop, storage, locker rooms, restrooms, hoists, production area. Overall the area covers 5.245 sq.m
  • External surrounding areas are fenced and include various automatic gates and include: service areas partially for parcking use, accessory service areas such as sentry boxes for security, electric and gas cabin, tented and roofed areas for machinery protection with steel structures, hoists, underground water and nitrogen tanks, underground compressor area, purification lines, fiberglass silos for flour storage, small deposits, areas for ammonia, loading and unloading area, storage and washing areas, various metallic ladders

Capital goods or company perks:

They include: technological plants, machineries and equipment; furniture and electronic machines; packaging remainders; replacement remainders.

Intangible goods:

They include: brands (pulcinella, gennarì, guarni pizza, az linea fornarina, az linea scugnizza, az linea pulcinella, santachiara, a’ pizza, pizza & core, capriccio napoletano, pizza tex mex, frusta, pizzamia,pizzopia, integrali), licences, permits, intellectual properties, softwares and quality certifications. These goods, despite being already accounted, have an intrinsic value for the good functioning of the company since they are all equally necessary for the company to function.

Offers must be sumbitted within: 10 Jenuary 2017 at 12:00


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