High-end measurement technology

High-end measurement technology

High-end measurement technology from Beckhoff – directly integrated into a standard PC Control platform
EtherCAT measurement technology modules – extremely accurate, fast and robust.

Beckhoff will present its new device series for high-end measurement technology at SPS IPC Drives 2016. Ultra-precise, fast and robust measurement technology modules will become an even more integrated part of PC-based control solutions. The new EtherCAT measurement technology modules can be directly integrated into the modular EtherCAT communication system and combined with the extensive portfolio of more than 500 other EtherCAT Terminals. New metal housings optimise shielding and cooling in measurement technology applications. At the same time, the durable housings provide enhanced flexibility at the interface level, such as for LEMO or BNC plug connectors or for the established Push-In as a quickly customisable standard solution. Measurement accuracy of 100 ppm at 23 °C, precise synchronisation of < 1 μs, and the high sampling rate of up to 50,000 samples per second guarantee high-quality data acquisition.

High-precision measurement technology reduces the use of raw materials and energy in machines and plants while forming the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. With the new EtherCAT measurement technology modules, high-end measuring devices and traditional automation technology can be combined into one universal system. For this purpose, Beckhoff offers the winning combination of a comprehensive I/O system that supports all common sensor types, and TwinCAT as a central software platform for engineering and control.

pr202016_beckhoff_ethercat_measurement_terminals_e_printThe robust metal enclosures of the new measurement modules feature a flexible connector front-end for all standard measurement technology interfaces, and permit straight-forward integration into all typical measurement technology environments. The new generation of measurement technology hardware ensures extremely high-quality measurement data, owing to the full utilisation of EtherCAT features, among other reasons:

–    fast: sampling rates of up to 50,000 samples per second,     depending on the interface
–    precision timing: precise synchronisation < 1 μs
–    precision values: measurement accuracy of better than     100 ppm at 23 °C
–    proactive: integrated connection and functional diagnostics     in individual modules

The new high-end measurement technology series complements the existing range of measurement terminals. At product launch, the offering includes 11 modules with different interfaces and input circuitry. These can cover, for example, voltage measurement of 20 mV…30 V, current measurement of ±20 mA, IEPE, thermocouples, RTD (PT100/1000), or strain gauge/load cells with full, half or quarter bridge with internal extension or potentiometer.

The measuring ranges of the input channels can be flexibly parameterised, both electrically and on the software side. Additional properties include integrated distributed clocks as well as the “ExtendedRange” feature, which provides users with the full technical measuring range, that is, up to 107 percent of the specified nominal measuring range can be achieved, depending on the measuring range in question. The EtherCAT measurement technology modules are optionally available with a factory calibration certificate.


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