From Cibus Tec to Brau Beviale, and from All4Pack to Pack Expo, Makro Labelling is participating in more and more important exhibitions. Collaboration, innovation and development are the guidelines for a continuously expanding company.

follower_pWith Viti-Vini and Cibus Tec just concluded, Makro Labelling is already preparing for Brau Beviale, Pack Expo, All4Pack and Vinitech Sifel. The Autumn ahead of Makro Labelling, the international leader in labelling technology, will be marked by participation in various top exhibitions, with a clear focus on the beverage, food, home and personal care and pharmaceutical sectors.

When Makro Labelling made its first appearance at Cibus Tec this year, two self-adhesive labellers specifically designed for the food sector were presented: a MAK 1 6P Ua3 L3 CO1 destined for the Grosoli family’s Acetificio del Duca vinegar company in Modena, Italy, and a MAK 2 9P Ua2 L2 CO2 for a company that produces preserves in oil. The two machines confirmed Makro Labelling’s determination to expand into the food processing sector, from which the company has already received numerous testimonials in Italy and abroad.

Brau Beviale – which runs from 8 to 10 November in Nuremberg – is the leading European trade fair for the beverage sector. Makro Labelling has confirmed its participation in this year’s event and will be exhibiting two special machines for this market: a MAK 2 9P Ua2 L2 CO2equipped with a Follower 2 with a carbon fibre structure, one of the latest and most important developments in Makro’s optical alignment technology – and a MAK 4 30P Ua2 L1 CE self-adhesive labeller with non-stop application, destined for a natural water bottling company.

In the same period, from 6 to 9 November, Makro Labelling will also be exhibiting at Pack Expo in Chicago. Makro will be sharing a stand with its U.S. agent, MBF North America and the event will be an important test for Makro’s potential penetration of the North American packaging market.

mak3_autoadesiva_non_stop_pFrom 14 to 17 November, Makro Labelling will be exhibiting at All4Pack (ex Emballage) in Paris. The stand of TEP France, Makro’s agent for the French market, will be exhibiting a MAK 03 16P Ua4 L2 CO2 labeller. Developed to label l’Oréal shampoo bottles, this machine incorporates a self-adhesive back label application system. It operates in non-stop mode and is equipped with an electronic alignment system, a sensor for label presence detection, quality control and all the necessary format change automation.

Makro’s autumn of exhibitions will finish at Vinitech Sifel in Bordeaux where, from 29 November to 1 December, the company will be presenting a labeller specially made for the wine industry in addition to the complete range of standard labelling machines. Makro will be exhibiting at this event too in collaboration with Tep-France, the company’s French agent.


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