Tps: silicone items for food industry

T.P.S. Srl is a young and dynamic Company specialized in the production of silicone items 100% platinic for the alimentary industry, to meet the needs of bakers, pastry cooks , ice-cream makers, chocolate makers and restaurateurs. Our company aim is quality, therefore we’ve choosen to have a plant with technologically advanced production lines, selecting the best raw materials. We only use 100% platinic silicone that not only has an excellent temperature range from -40°
C to 260 °C (-40 to 500 °F) but is also totally atoxic, inodorous and tasteless, complying with the various international legislations that specify the use of products meant for use/contact with food, ensuring the maximum health safety.
Furthermore, to optimize the alimaaa_4956bis-copiaentary properties, every single product undergoes a heat-treatment in special ovens. TPS has a skilled design and mould production workshop that enables the creation and manufacturing of own design as well as customers’ ideas. Our experience and professionalism make it possible to create from the most simple to the most complex shapes in order to match the needs of even the most difficult customer.
All production cycles are done within our plant in order to guarantee our customers the maximum discretion concerning those products especially done according to their design / demand. The main source of T.P.S. Srl is consolidated in the range of products MADE IN ITALY created on specific customer requests and manufactured with the use of silicone 100% platinic.

Experience and professionalism have made TPS to become preferred partner of the most important companies in the food, medical and industrial sectors. To ensure the quality of our products, daily visual inspections and tests on finished items are done according to: D.M. n° 104 del 21-03-1973 (Italy) – Arreté du 25-11-1992 (France) – BfR (Germany) – FDA (USA)

Our commitment is to satisfy our customers’ requests ensuring the best quality, pricing, experience and professionality


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