Ronzulli S.p.A., flexible packaging

ronzulli1Ronzulli S.p.A. produces flexible packaging suitable for packing food and non-food products. The company was set up in 1988 and today Ronzulli S.p.A. is a well – established and well – known company in this field. Even though there are many competitors, Ronzulli S.p.A. has been able to stand out and its success on the market mainly depends on two aspects: high-quality printing and raw material. Ronzulli S.p.A. has been able to offer a quality product since it has focused on:

  1. Technology

  2. Staff

  3. Research

Ronzulli S.p.A. is equipped with two HD 8-colour flexoprinting machines, two laminating machines and four cutting machines. It is also equipped with a graphic department and a quality control laboratory (BRC IQP certificate).

Thanks to the continuous technological update of the production system, Ronzulli has been able to reach high quality standard that apart from being already higher than its flexoprinting competitors’, have resulted in being really competitive even against rotogravure printing system.

Ronzulli S.p.A. is able to manage all the different stages of production from the inside: Graphic work, internal production and installation of digital plates, 8-colour printing process, solvent-less lamination, cutting, laboratory analysis.

Each stage is supported by the latest software in order to check the perfect match between graphic project and final result assuring in this way high quality standard and compliance with current laws.

Ronzulli’s verticalisation of working methods avoids external service and guarantees the highest confidentiality of Customer’s order.

Ronzulli company offers a wide range of services perfectly in line with its international profile.

The preliminary technical settings of each print are carried out in such a professional way that customer can be confident about the final result.

Thanks to the chance of managing all the different stages of the production cycle from the inside, Ronzulli is able to optimize the deadlines by planning on time deliveries according to Customer’s request and of course, where distance permits.

Both on national and international markets, Ronzulli’s agents are able to take care of Customers’ needs quickly.

In the laboratory for analysis, Ronzulli’s technical staff carefully analyses raw materials and inks in order to check if they are suitable for their intended use; production waste is delivered to proper waste disposal plants, working places and workers are subjected to periodic inspection.

Each step being part of the production process strictly complies with current laws, respects environment and assures Customers and Consumers safe packaging.

Ronzulli S.p.A. has applied its know-how to flexo printing and today, it can boast a wide range of materials and is able to offer the most suitable flexible packaging for no matter what product.

Ronzulli S.p.A. manufactures packaging for biscuits, wafers, confectionery, candies, snacks, crackers, pastries, fresh and dried pasta, rice, cereals, flour, dried fruit, legumes, cold cuts, cheese, meat, frozen food, coffee, powder milk, spices, dressings, soaps, washing powders.

At the time being, apart from Italy, Ronzulli S.p.A. also exports to Europe and to 28 Extra UE countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Madagascar, Capo Verde, Ethiopia.

All our customers can rely on our local agents which are able to handle any kind of request.

Ronzulli S.p.A. aware of its skills and potential, is interested in extending its market to other Countries and find new partners and agents that may want to co-operate. Thanks to our customers, specialised magazines and business partners, there are more and more companies that get in contact with Ronzulli S.p.A. to get an offer for their products. Our “typical customer” is interested in packaging aesthetics and high quality product. In a globalised market, detail makes the difference and Ronzulli S.p.A. has bet on it!


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