Raziel srls

20150216_105705-2An Italian company projected towards the international market, Raziel srls is a company specialised in only natural baking solutions and is a worldwide point of reference for the entire industry of processing machinery for bread dough, fast-food products, gluten-free, biscuits and product shelf-life. The corporate aim is to ensure clients or customers with a diversified know-how, assisting with the most appropriate choice of production processes and lines.

Nature and technology go hand in hand in our products to provide new ideas and opportunities to contemporary baking for an increasingly focused market on the quality and the latest consumer requirements.


We respect nature as this is the only way our products can comply with the highest quality standards and customer needs.
Every day we strive until your bread reaches that point of excellence that only very ambitious and positive people are able to achieve.

Every day we look beyond what we have already achieved so that we can continue to improve.
More and more industrial bakery companies are relying on us and seeking our know-how to build new factories and start new production lines.
At Raziel srls, you can find a highly reliable partner that takes care of customers by
listening to their real needs and by always looking for the best improved solutions to offer.


Bread has no boundaries, it was created from migrations: RAZIEL srls is present worldwide with consultancy and demonstrations at industrial bakeries and alternative fast-food processing.
Raw material diversity is wealth; at RAZIEL srls we experiment with the richness of our proposals and adaptation to recipes to start new production lines in areas where bread is inexistent due to the scarce quality of ingredients found in such areas.
RAZIEL srls imparts the true culture of baking that history has passed on to us
RAZIEL srls has the wealth of many bakeries, each one with at least one type of specific bread and a baker who represents and defends the culture of his/her territory and by relating with local customers, strengthens its continuity.



1- Your aim is to spend as less as possible and save

image005RAZIEL srls has forty years’ experience in the baking industry, by virtue of which it can direct customers to saving-oriented investments, while maintaining maximum production efficiency. We will choose objectives together and direct you, based on the budget available from the company, to invest on the most appropriate marketing strategy, with the only aim of increasing your turnover.

2- A winning strategy to build a new baking company

What RAZIEL srls does exactly is analyse your company and your idea of investment in the baking and derivatives industry from start to finish. Therefore, RAZIEL acts as an intermediary between the customer and the machinery supplier company, as a neutral figure is needed to advise the customer on the most appropriate choice.

3- If you think a figure that is qualified and specialised in the field is not necessary to study and set up the best strategy for your company

RAZIEL srls is not interested in selling you the most services possible, but in giving you sound advice, so you achieve immediate results that can make the difference for your company.

RAZIEL srls therefore provides the backer and project with its experience and professionalism, using its skill, know-how and contact networks that belong pre-eminently to its professional history.

The entrepreneurs and investors that choose to contact RAZIEL, rely on its team of technologists and consultants who aim at tangible results and who wish to provide a unique service focused on the customer’s requirements.


What is a consultant/technologist?

It is a professional figure with the task of:

•  working alongside the industry owner or investor in the new project’s feasibility.

•  searching for new and state-of-the-art machinery, which enables high staff reduction, advanced technology for dough formation that plays a crucial part in the positive outcome of the end product.

•  working with raw materials without using chemical ingredients, but using only the properties of the raw materials with the addition of natural enzymes to achieve a top-quality end product.

universita-di-giacarta-2010-dimostrazione-produzione-pasticceriaExperience in lengthening the product shelf-life without using preservatives:

Raziel makes you increase corporate profits by working on the shelf-life of the product through heat treatment and new and already tested technologies that lengthen shelf-life to 90/160 days at room temperature and preservative-free. After many years of research, Raziel is able to work on production by lengthening shelf-life through microwave pasteurisation, which enables constant quality as it is non-invasive on the end product.

This technique enables the sales network to extend to areas where it would be impossible to use other alternatives. This technology avoids the product freezing process which, as we know, is detrimental to the quality, has excessive investment costs and high electricity costs to maintain the negative temperature at – 20°C.

In developing countries where it is not impossible to create a product freezing network, microwave pasteurisation is able to replace it, maintaining the quality that characterises the product, enabling the company to extend its sales network and consequently its profits.


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