Prim Italia, a third generation company

prim-italia-gruppo-semi-industriale-sesamoThe design and construction of machines and systems for industrial bread-making with the care of a handmade product. PRIM Italia was established in Milan in 1980 thanks to the extensive experience of Grissinatrice Italiana, which, in the 1950s, was the fi rst company ever to design and build machines to make breadsticks.
With perseverance and determination, it has become a leading company in this sector, gaining the trust of its customers, leading to rapid expansion and international recognition.

Breadsticks and pizzas are typical Italian products appreciated throughout the world, and producers are always seeking innovation able to satisfy both the eyes and tastes of consumers. The company’s daily commitment is aimed at supporting this ongoing development and building breadstick/pizza machines and systems, which are able to meet all new requirements.
The company stands out for producing top-quality products and for the high level of technology used, combined with the reliability and technical support ensured by its founding members.

The guarantee of business continuity comes from the new generation, which has been part of the workforce for several years, learning from the experience gained, pursuing the pioneering spirit of the company founders, and combining historical continuity with new energy and innovation. The range of machines is aimed both at small laboratories and large industries, always maintaining the genuineness and fragrance of its products unaltered. In addition to standard machines, prototypes and special machines are built in order to meet any kind of need. Besides being internationally oriented, the company still has a strong connection with its area of origin. In fact, all stages, i.e. creation, design, production and processing of individual components until fi nal assembly, are carried out entirely in Italy at the company’s premises to guarantee fully “Made in Italy” products.


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