Pietroberto: Maya 2 – 2 row divider-rounder

maya-2Compact and silent machine for artisan and industriai baking plants. !t can be used alone or with other machines for industriai production lines.

A new patented device includes a servomechanism for the loading and unloading of the dough on the pocket for the rounding operation. A quick hooking mechanical device consents to interchange the dividing set according to production requirements and gram range.

The interior and exterior rounding drum is made of materials that comply with US FDA 21 CFR 177.2470 and ECC standards. The rounding drum is easily removable and interchangeable, according to the product to be obtained. The rounding drum speed can vary continuously, according to the kind of dough. The dividing group consists of a dough compression unit inside a dividing chamber and the following ejection of the same from the calibrating chamber to the rounding drum.

Machine on wheels.

Hopper with non-stick surface and a 15 kg. dough capacity.

Adjustable outfeed belt.

A different use than those foreseen by the manufacturer 1s prohibited, before rece1v1ng authorization.

The machine 1s built to comply with accident prevention, current hygienical and electrical standards.


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