Fresh thinking meat, fish & poultry packaging from Linpac

linpacPackers and retailers in Southern Europe can experience a significant reduction in costs and food waste with LINfresh – an expanded polystyrene (EPS) tray developed by fresh food packaging manufacturer LINPAC.

The trays, which are suitable for fresh cuts of meat, fish and poultry, are designed for top sealed modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), combining a standard EPS tray with a barrier film layer, to offer extended product shelf life.

Ricardo Cabeza, managing director of LINPAC Southern Europe, said: “Consumers want their meat, fish or poultry products to be fresh, of the highest quality and perfectly presented. With LINfresh we are able to help packers ensure their products reach the shelf in the best possible condition.”

LINPAC champions the reduction of food waste through continuous innovation in packaging technology for the protection, preservation and presentation of food products. The MAP technology extends shelf life by several days, as well as minimising pack leakages and damage.

When used in conjunction with complementary lidding films from LINPAC, such as the LINtop® Star PE HB, LINfresh becomes a complete pack solution, offering excellent performance in terms of shelf life and pack appeal.

Mr. Cabeza continued: “With the additional environmental benefits of reduced waste and a lower carbon footprint than competing packaging solutions, we are confident that the efficiency and performance of LINfresh enables packers to improve their bottom line, as well as their environmental performance.”

LINPAC is a leading supplier of fresh food packaging products to European markets, with an extensive manufacturing and distribution network. It delivers solutions to the meat, fish and poultry, patisserie, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond.


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