Fam: Innovation in food processing

FAM brings new technology to the table

centris-8-bewerktLast month FAM launched the FAM TridisTM 240, a high capacity dicer for the frozen vegetable & fruit and French fry industry and the latest addition to FAM’s product line of industrial cutting machines. In the last two years, since the spring of 2014, FAM has introduced 8 new machines into its product line. Innovation is clearly an important key driver for the Belgian based company, but where can innovation be found in the food processing industry?

Food processing at the core

The processing industry has changed in many ways since its inception. Starting out with the main focus on canning, evolving later into frozen foods and moving on now to include ready meals, fresh cut vegetables and fruit and even hypes such as pulled meat. With those shifts in focus, the demands of the industry have altered as well. In the canning industry capacity took the lead and quality came in second. In the fresh vegetable and fruit industry there is no higher demand than the one for the best cut quality possible. Diamond shaped dices of pepper in your salad just will not do.

centris-400-63-detNot only the visual aspect of the end product matters, the industry has increased its demands in other areas as well. Hygiene has taken a more prominent role, because consumers, regulatory agencies and health organizations demand more transparency. From stainless steel motors, to sanitary seals and electro polishing of all product contact surfaces, experience has taught the food industry to be as careful as possible when it comes to sanitation.

Another type of innovation is the surge of new cutting shapes and dimensions. Hype products such as pulled meat have entered the market, together with variations to existing products such as new shapes for potato chips and waffle fries. The competition in the retail market is fierce and this sources a demand for new, different and exclusive products as well a desire to process as efficiently as possible.

How to cut better

The cutting machine plays a vital role in the processing line and can make a significant difference in product value. To give an example: in the fresh vegetable and fruit industry the shelf life of a product can diminish or increase the value of the product. The longer the fruit and vegetables stay fresh, the better


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