Esmach Spa, dough processing equipment for almost fifty years

esmach2ESMACH SPA is a company from Vicenza that has been producing dough processing equipment for almost fifty years, with the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology, sensitivity towards the environment, respect for tradition and enthusiasm for the future boundaries of fragrance. Esmach unites the past and the future in this spirit, re-inventing baking and revolutionising the ancient work of bakers. It simplifies the production process, maintaining the naturalness and quality of bread made as it used to be made, with mother yeast added to authentic flour, and forges a new model of baker who mixes dough by day, not by night any more, giving the advantage of a more “normal”, and undoubtedly sunnier, lifestyle. Through EsmachLab, the innovative bread, pizza and pastry laboratory that makes baking competitive and whose simplicity guarantees excellent finished product quality, the company addresses those who want to undertake a new business or model their own format while respecting the environment and energy saving, aiming for extremely high quality products. Created with the idea that the quality of life is important, and that the genuineness of the finished product is fundamental for business success, Even though EsmachLab shortens preparation and baking times, its products are fresh, healthy and delicious. It is a dynamic place, 32 or less, that transforms during the day. It produces naturally leavened oven-baked products when consumed most: breakfast, lunch, aperitif, and pizza. These multi-purpose environments of the “oven-pizzeria-restaurant-bar-pastry shop” type are extremely popular in today’s hard times, and they offer amazing business opportunities. Esmach is the ideal partner for making your business a success because it blends equipment supply with consultancy and initial technical support, all of which are essential for starting and developing a business.

Esmach is a reference point that can supply the most suitable solution for doughs, mother yeast, leavening (even for dough and pizza), yeast storage and lots more. The company’s extraordinary know how and its unique experience that has consolidated over years of study, research and innovation, means that Esmach can perfect cutting-edge technology suitable for a winning and competitive business.

esmach3“In People and Mother Dough we trust” is Esmach’s philosophy, which includes continuous product, quality and service innovation while remaining faithful to the healthy principles of artisan savoir faire, made of people and passion. Our symbol is ancient and evocative: it takes its inspiration from the oriental Yin and Yang symbols, and in a modern key it dynamically represents the solution to problems, symbolised by the circling and “global” movement of the two powers. Esmach harmoniously blends hot and cold, rotation, completeness, balance and life. The reference to the circular movement of a mixer is immediate, recalling also the movement of the fluids and solids that are inside our machines. At the same time, it also communicates our values and objectives, expressing the efficiency of our machines and their ability to preserve the characteristics of the products that are mixed and worked, the diligence and responsiveness of our men.

One of our new generation products is the SPI range of spiral mixers, which unites the technological development of each individual component with the cultural and traditional quality of the processed bread, pizza and pastry doughs. Esmach has placed its attention on controlling various parameters for managing and developing doughs; these parameters consider new tendency products, the rheology properties of the mixes, their duration, their end temperature and their versatility of use, with reference to minimum and maximum dough quantities. Even the aspect that protects the health of professionals has not been forgotten. The mixer tank is equipped with a double lid that acts as a guard to keep the flour inside, eliminating the dispersion of sensitising agents which can cause progressive breathing disturbances.

esmachThe quality of the dough and the futuristic design make these mixers a unique product, without counterparts. They project from past to future and have colours that evoke what they process: intense olive green, like the wheat in spring and sun yellow, like the ripe wheat which is transformed into bread. The structural solidity of the SPI mixers, their external coatings, which are powder painted with an anti-corrosion treatment, their extreme versatility, reliability and excellent safety, their high working accuracy, ergonomics (in particular the control panel with control console that can be rotated both left and right), and captivating design exalt the best tradition of dough, projecting it into the future. The balanced ratio between bowl and spiral arm rotation, the geometry of the spiral arm which follows the bowl walls and the spiral arm and bowl speed are perfect for obtaining uniform, soft and refined mixtures, even with minimum quantities of dough, and greatly reduce the working time and dough heating content.

The SPI range is available in 10 models, either electromechanical or electronic, that can be equipped with optional tools such as the built-in water dosing system and the dough temperature detector with infrared sensor.

Esmach has also patented HEX, the new cutting tool for DVMachHex, the automatic hydraulic divider which, in addition to the classic square, rectangular and triangular shapes, can also cut hexagonal shapes for producing scored bread, rolls (rosetta) and hollow rolls (soffiata), guaranteeing quality processing without stressing or degassing the dough. This process is normally carried out by two separate machines, but now, thanks to the new HEX cutting device, the machine moves from the traditional square cut (that gives 10-20 pieces of the same shape and weight and, by applying the specific grills, even 40-80 pieces, 8 baguettes or 40 triangles) to a hexagonal cut, which produces 35 pieces of perfectly cut, absolutely hexagonal dough that weigh 40-90 g. DVMachHex is simple, multi-purpose, small and unique. It automatically divides doughs that weigh up to 20 kg with a single operation. It can divide all types of dough, even soft, very hydrated or leavened thanks to its “soft dough” system, making it ideal for any baker, pastry or pizza maker. A single machine that divides any type of dough into various shapes and weights means you can save on management costs and space, which is precious in a laboratory, without penalising production.


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