Errepan: Production in perfect form

Errepan is one of Italy’s leading producers of baking pans and metal baking equipment for the confectionery and bread-making industries.

dsc_6110Love for the perfect form
Over 25 years of passion for the perfect form have allowed Errepan to position itself on the Italian podium of metal pan and equipment manu facturers for the confectionery and bread-making industries.

Technological evol
ution, innovation and determination have done the rest to satisfy an increasingly diversified and heterogeneous demand, borne of the international commercial relationships that the company has developed over the years.

Certified quality

Errepan has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998 for its system of quality, guar
anteeing respect for operational procedures throughout the entire production process. Complementing the company’s certified quality is the quality of its daily interactions with clients, with a particular focus on meeting their needs.

International trade shows

dsc_1974In addition to Italian events, Errepan has long had a pres
ence in the biggest international trade shows to reach local markets and give potential clients the chance to “see with their own eyes” the reality that excellence in the field currently represents.

The products

With a broad, comprehensive line of products, Errepan is able to sati
sfy every need of the confectionery and bread-making industry. The range of available forms is constantly expanding, motivated by (among other things) the push from clients, which the marketing department (with inimitable support from the technical office) then takes as its own and transforms into perpetually new products and solutions.

Pans for croissants, plum cakes, muf
ins, tarts, the most original soft cakes, but also for panbauletto, pan carré, and sandwich bread. The tray with self-carrying paper cup holders is an interesting and innovative solution. It can be used as a pan on the production line or as a support in the product prototyping phase, with a consequent reduction in cost.


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