Alba & Tecnoservice: Experience and passion in the market of machinery for pastry and bakery

alba-tecnoservice3Alba & Teknoservice srl designs and produces equipments for bakery and pastry industry as: croissant machines, make-up tables, dough billets preparing systems, laminating lines, ciabatta bread lines, multisize bread lines, pita, num bread, lavash lines, cracker lines, special lines and custom design machines.
The high quality of these equipments is due to the great passion developed in over 30 years of experience. The founders of the company begin in 1982 their experience at renowned company in the industry and in 1992 open Teknoservice Snc, which begin dealing with servicing, repairs and interventions on their own or on behalf of major manufacturers.

immagine-1The founders’s experience gained as CIM and Teckno-matik technicians, a long-time leader companies in the field of machinery for pastry and bakery, leads them to develop projects increasingly complex and technologically advanced, and thanks to continued collaboration with their customers, they realize the first automatic groups for croissants, make-up tables, ciabatta, bread lines and crackers lines and a variety of customized automations.

This ongoing attention to the needs of the customer and assistance in the development of its automations brings Teknoservice to grow more and more, until making the decision in 2005 to transform the company, originally founded as service / intervention, in a leading company in the market of machinery for pastry and bakery: so ALBA & Teknoservice Srl is founded.

immagine-2ALBA & Teknoservice is present in all continents through its machinery, accessories and spare parts.

Our technicians provide direct or phone assistance all over the world


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