Santoemma provides a new system for cleaning and sanitising in food processing areas


FRV FOOD 30 is an innovative patented machine by Santoemma which provides a new system for a complete cleaning and sanitising in food processing areas, such as: supermarkets, food factories, industrial kitchens.

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

1.   Spraying of dense foam on all the surfaces

2.   Foam chemical action

3.   Rinsing with clean water, at a controlled pressure

4.   Vacuuming of residual water and dirt from floor.

Dense foam allows to optimize the chemical’s cleaning and sanitizing action. By vacuuming the residual liquid from floor, the environments are left completely dry after cleaning operations.

frv-food-30FRV FOOD 30 is indicated for a complete cleaning and sanitizing of all the surfaces, including walls, refrigerator cells, work-tables, machinery and transport trolleys in food processing areas, such as:

  • Supermarkets, in food preparation areas (fish and meat processing) and storage areas (refrigerator cells).
  • Medium-sized factories producing and packaging food (meat, salami, fish, milk/cheese, vegetables), butcheries, dairy factories.
  • Big manufacturing plants, to clean machinery, tooling and transport trolleys
  • Caterings and industrial kitchens, to clean rooms and food preparation areas.
  • Cleanrooms in food packaging factories and pharmaceutical factories.

Santoemma FRV FOOD30 has a lot of advantages:

  1. Better cleaning and sanitising result: dense foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the surfaces where it has been sprayed for some minutes. The foam prolonged action assures to make the most of the cleaning effect of the product, ensuring both cleaning and sanitising effect.
  2. Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, thus allowing a complete action in every point.
  3. Complete sanitizing action: Laboratory tests certify that using the machine in combination with specific chemicals, it is possible to kill 99,9% of bacteria.
  4. Rinsing at a controlled pressure avoids that any particle is jumping on other surfaces and prevents the creation of a haze of water vapours, which would keep in suspension the micro-organisms for several minutes. These micro-organisms would fall again on the surfaces after rinsing, affecting the efficacy of the bactericide action.
  5. Saving of time: while foam acts on the surfaces where it has already been sprayed, the operator is free to operate on other surfaces. Therefore, even a big room can be completely foamed in a short time and there is no idle time.
  6. Detergent saving: the chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor.
  7. Reduced power consumption: the machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any place.


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