At-Line Near-Infrared Meat Analyzer Enables Meat Processors to Increase Productivity and Reduce Lean Give-Away

NDC_NewInfraLab_Meat_PRShot _2015NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers the InfraLab e-Series at-line meat analyzer for the accurate and reliable measurement of fat, moisture, protein and collagen content in meat samples. Suitable for beef, lamb, pork and poultry, this near-infrared (NIR) analyzer produces accurate measurements in less than 10 seconds while next to the production line.

Meat processors need reliable fat, protein and moisture content analysis for their blended batches of ground meat portions to ensure they meet the specified value,” says Andy Grady, Market Manager for NDC Technologies. “There is a requirement to measure these critical quality parameters during the processing stages in order to make adjustments to the batch average. Accurate measurements are essential to reducing lean give-away and speeding up batch release. Our InfraLab e-Series meat analyser is highly accurate and improves process visibility, enabling manufacturers to optimize product quality.”

MG710e_Meat Image 2011-07The InfraLab e-Series uses non-contacting, multi-wavelength NIR technology to capture accurate and consistent measurements, completely independent of product and ambient changes in the process area such as temperature, relative humidity and factory lighting. The system is simple to use, with no special operator skill required, and allows for the rapid analysis of meat samples with minimum sample preparation. These advantages enable meat processors to achieve consistent product quality, optimize batch fat values, reduce lean giveaway, improve traceability and replace laboratory testing. As there is no single international standard for measuring the fat content in meat, it’s simple to perform validation of the InfraLab e-Series readings against a chosen external laboratory.

The InfraLab e-Series is available in fat-only or fat, moisture, protein, and other multi-component formats. Each measurement is pre-loaded and can be easily selected from an intuitive and secure touch-screen interface. Connectivity via Ethernet to Management Information Systems, or to a PC, as well as extensive 10,000 sample integral memory capacity, enable the display or storage of vital quality data wherever it is needed – both locally and centrally.

Visit the NDC stand A05 at this year’s IFFA show to get a close look at the InfraLab at-line meat analyser. Product specialists will be available to discuss measurement applications.


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