Linear and rotary labeling

Newtec Labelling designs and produces linear and rotary labeling machines available in a wide range of models. There are different applications that can be developed by wet glue, self adhesive and hot glue (Hot melt) application systems or with combined applications. The machines, that are fully produced by the Company, are characterized by a multipurpose versatility, reliability, flexibility and they are user-friendly. Designed to meet tough work loads at high speed productions, they satisfy all different variety of user requests. The labelers can apply partial or wrap-around labels on containers for wines, vegetable oils, soft drinks, liqueurs, mineral water, beer, dairy products, preserves, cosmetics, chemicals etc.
ELITE line
Based on the more and more evolving marketing demands, the Company produces a brand new range of labellers named ELITE, created either for standard applications e.g. by wet glue, self-adhesive and hot melt system or even with mixed combinations for customized requirements. The ELITE labellers, of which the company goes proud, are user-friendly and multi-tasking. They are based on advanced electronic digital systems and do not need to be supported by a direct intervention of the manufacturer. The bottles holding-plates are driven by brushless motors and as they are electronically controlled they allow the ideal setting of the rotary cam for each format thanks to the recalling of the stored parameters.
In addition the ELITE range can be also equipped with camera vision system for the orientation of the container at the inlet of the machine or equipped by optical photocells placed on each platform with centralized adjustment and
storable for the orientation of the labels in respect of a spot or relief on the bottles.
No stop system
It consists of the installation of 2 parallel labelling stations with applying the same label. The No-Stop system ensures remarkable time saving because it avoids machine stops for the labels reels changes.


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