Safta showcased at the 2016 Paris Packaging Innovation Hub


In February, Safta S.p.A. displayed at PCD exhibition (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics and Design), held in Paris at the same time as ADF (Aerosol & Dispensing Form). All events boosted packaging innovation and transfers of technology among leading international and local brands from cosmetics, key aerosol technologies, and dispensing systems.


As an integral part of the GualapackGroup, the packaging world leader of spouted pouches and filling machinery, Safta produces ad hoc solutions of flexible packaging laminates to numerous uses for notable cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies driven by quality and service delivery (including short-run orders).


This year the Paris Packaging Innovation Hub offered the opportunity to its visitors to get a grasp of the wide range of Safta’s specific products, like high-barrier laminates for cosmetic press sachets that ensure the best mechanical and chemical resistance, but also sticks, laminates for bags on valve, laminates and premade pouches with easy opening features, handles, recloseable zips.


Worth mentioning Safta’s innovations showcased at the event, such as:

  • Certified laminates for the new Aisa DecoseamTM technology, that offers 360° decorated tubes, with extra glossy and metallic look; Safta supplies this web printed or unprinted, aiming at the cosmetic tube converters;



  • the original augmented reality Ubleam granted to the GualapackGroup to feature and print a customizable, aesthetic and original “smart” logo on flexible packaging supplied on reels in Europe and pouches worldwide.


For additional information, please contact the Marketing and Communication Department at




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