Pigo Srl: Infused dried fruits

PIGO infused dried fruits systems are concepted to create a “High Added Value Fruit” production plant, which contains dozens of small innovations and a few large improvements for a more reliable system, all together improving natural fruit characteristics.
PIGO is also providing CONTINUOUS INFUSION TECHNOLOGY and KNOW-HOW to our clients.
PIGO srl has established itself as a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of high technology freezing and drying equipment, as well as fruit and vegetable entire processing lines.

Modern consumer is more and more oriented to the natural products and products which natural properties are improved. At the same time it is necessary to improve the preservation ability and expand the use possibilities – shelf life. Infused dried fruit meets all the above criteria. Fresh fruit, especially forest fruits, which has exceptional organoleptic characteristics, receives new qualities with infusion process, for example improvement of the natural characteristics of the fruit. Infused dried fruits preservation is possible without special packaging and storage conditions.Finally, in the infused dried fruits it can be introduced also other useful and important to the health substances, such as microelements, etc.


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