The 9 winners of the Europain Awards and Intersuc Collections.

From Friday 5th February to Tuesday 9th February 2016
Paris-Nord Villepinte (France)

The winners of the Europain Innovation Awards and Intersuc Collections have been announced. The selection
committees – composed of professionals from the bakery-pastry industry and representatives of the press – have
awarded 9 trophies: 6 Europain Innovation Awards – 3 Intersuc Collections.
Each of the nominees had 10 minutes to convince the jury with an oral presentation in which they were judged on
criteria including technicity, marketing aspects, organoleptic properties, nutritional qualities and practicality.
The Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday 5th February at 2.30 pm at the Café des Conférences. The retained
products and equipment will be highlighted and promoted in the ‘Innovations and New Products’ section at the venue
throughout the Europain & Intersuc event.

Europain 2016 Innovation Awards:

Company : BRIDOR / (Stand 5R32)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016
Drawing on its expertise in bakery products, a know-how it has been cultivating since 1988, Bridor
chose to take up the challenge of making high-quality gluten-free products with the launch of its new
gluten-free range. The range consists of an individual plain roll 45 g, an individual seed roll 45 g, a
pure butter sweet small brioche 50 g and a pure butter madeleine 30 g. These products are just as
delicious as conventional recipes thanks to the combination of good ingredients: flours compatible with
gluten intolerance, butter, eggs and poppy seeds, which are traditionally used in bakery products and Viennese pastries. These
components make it possible to combine both taste and practicality by making products more enjoyable to eat. Because they
are individual packaged, the products within Bridor’s gluten-free range are protected from cross contamination and it’s possible
to bake products at the same time as conventional products. They can be defrosted in a conventional oven or microwave without
being removed from their packaging. A few minutes is all you need to satisfy your customer’s request.
Contact :
Marie LEGOUPIL – +33 (0)2 99 00 11 67 –

Company : CHOCOLAT WEISS / (Stand 5C114)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 2
Perfectly designed chocolate chips, with an authentic chocolate taste. The most tasty in the market with 55%
cocoa. A wide range of chocolate chips, co-developed with Raoul Maeder. The Sublimes suit perfectly to the
buttery notes of a brioche or the bitterness of roasted nuts or the acidity of citrus fruit.
Good length on the tongue for a smooth chocolate taste that will appeal to all. Teardrop-shaped chocolate
chips with excellent rheological properties and smooth edges guaranteeing perfect adhesion without cutting
into the dough during preparation.
Excellent melting properties, whilst retaining good structure so they are immediately recognizable in the recipe
for greater visual appeal. Dark chocolate Sublimes with 55% cocoa, Milk chocolate Sublimes with 29% cocoa
White chocolate Sublimes 23%, Milk chocolate caramel Sublimes 35% cocoa.
Contact :
Muriel ASSAILLY – +33 (0)4 77 49 65 26 –

Company : LES VERGERS BOIRON / (Stand 5H134)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 3
Semi-candied fruit are frozen preparations, obtained by concentrating the juice and candying the peel
of citrus fruit at moderate temperatures to keep all the natural organoleptic qualities of the fresh fruit
and maintain their performance. Diced and assembled with a flavorful and slightly sweet binder, the
semi-candied fruit are available in two flavors.Thanks to the very pleasant candied citrus juice, the small
diced of Les vergers Boiron orange and lemon semi-candied fruits are softer and much less sweet than
traditional candied fruits.
Product assets- Les vergers Boiron exclusive technology,-
Very tasty, distinctive taste of fresh citrus, with a much fruitier flavor than traditional candied fruit, slightly sweet and without bitterness,-
Pleasant texture with small soft and slightly crunchy pieces,- Natural and radiant color,
Time saving and high constant quality,- At high temperatures, no exudate, the semi-candied fruit maintain it performance and
At freezing temperatures the texture remains soft and workable,- Wide variety of applications to garnish and decorate,- Convenient
packaging, easy to store,
Long frozen shelf life (best before date 30 months after production).
Contact :
Catherine BONNARDEL – +33 (0)4 75 47 87 21 –

Company : VAN DE LEUR / (Stand 5R150)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 1
A delicacy with healthy ingredients, which thanks to its exciting flavour sensation is set to be popular among
both up-market catering establishments and specialist bakeries.
Taste tests have proven that the Umami whets one’s appetite for more. Anyone who tries one can’t but help
to be curious about the other flavours…
Contact :
Pieter SCHOLTEN – +31 (0)5 15 57 57 17 –

Société : JAC SA / (Stand 5D42)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 4
Super compact you were to ask us how much space you’d need to slice a 42 cm-long loaf with an adjustable
thickness slicer, we’d tell you: «60×60 cm». It is the first fully automatic, variable thickness slicer, with a floor surface
of 60x60cm, and yet can cut 42×25 cm loaves. Available in both economic and exclusive versions, you’re sure
to find the right solution for your bakery.»The JAC SLIM will be to circular blade slicers what the JAC Face was to
frame slicers: A new standard !»
Contact :
Stéphane GUILLAUMONT – +33 (0)6 07 46 12 89 –

EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 5Company : MERAND MECAPATE / (Stand 4A36)
ScariCool is a machine that scores the dough pieces in the trays before the cooking. The operator only needs
to lock the carriage and ScariCool takes one by one the trays in the carriage and brings them to the cut system
(straight or cross) before putting them back in the carriage after the scoring.
Contact :
Yannick GERARD – +33 (0)2 99 04 15 30 –

A classic mascarpone has a short shelf life, is stiff and difficult to mix.
To meet chef’s expectations at best, Elle & Vire Professionnel® launches a new 1l UHT Mascarpone with all the
characteristics of a traditional fresh mascarpone. Thanks to its unique semi-thick texture, Elle & Vire Mascarpone is
smooth and consistent. It is ready-to-use and can be directly added to other ingredients, which is a time-saver in the
kitchen. Thanks to its UHT format, it has a 9-month shelf life. It comes in a 1l brick which is more practical to store and
which makes it easier for chef to manage their consumption.
Contact :
Emilie MARTIN – +33 (0)1 39 24 97 00 –

Company : VALRHONA / (Stand 5C104)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 7
AZÉLIA came about when Valrhona decided to tackle one of the great classics of indulgence and create a
new chocolate. This new addition is the perfect harmony between chocolate, milk, and hazelnuts.The flavors
awaken the tastes of childhood imagination and captivate the most gourmet taste buds of adulthood. Valrhona
designed AZÉLIA with cocoa and nuts, honing taste and quality to perfection. Whether in the form of chocolate
bonbons, bars, ganache, desserts, ice cream or sorbet, AZÉLIA’s cozy warm brown color stirs our most generous
and nostalgic instincts. Experiencing AZÉLIA is a given, an obligation, so much so that even thinking about it is
Contact :
Matthieu DROBNIAK – +33 (0)4 75 07 90 90 –

Company : PANEM / (Stand 4D12)EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 8
Capacity: from 7 to 10 trays. On each tray, there are 4 removable frames 330mmx330mmx10mm thickness.
The “ganache” tray is directly put down on the workbench work surface. It enables the ganache pouring and
the immediate transfer of the tray in the cold storage releasing the work surface for the next ‘ganache’ slide
on a new tray equipped with removable frame.
Datas of cold storage : temperature : between 15°C and 18°C – hygrometry : between 55% and 65%.
Maximum total capacity : 60kg of ganache
Contact :
Christophe BATANERO – +33 (0)5 49 25 50 04 –


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