GualapackGroup packaging solutions: a growing “glocal” alliance

gualapackSince 2010 the GualapackGroup, a key specialist in the flexible packaging industry, has launched a major internationalization process. The Group’s objective to grow both organically and by way of acquisitions aims at investing globally, by offering its customers the same standards of innovation, quality, safety and production efficiency of its lamination and packaging solutions, and close geographical proximity to partners with value-creating formulations.

The milestone for the internationalization process of the GualapackGroup was the strategic joint venture with Cheerpack North America (USA 2008), aiming at developing and supporting spouted pouch technology in North and Central America, followed by the establishment of Gualapack Nadab (Romania 2010), an integrated production plant, to better handle the European market’s demand. Its expansion continued with the creation of a new plant, under the same organization, Gualapack Costa Rica (Costa Rica, 2013) set up to respond to the newer emerging market opportunities in Latin America. A year later, the production capacity of the Group expanded with Gualapack Ukraine (Ukraine, 2014), with a well-equipped plant to serve the CIS markets.

In 2015, the Group implemented a strategy of enlargement of its production capability with the take-over of Tradbor Indústria e Comércio SA, the only Brazilian packaging company fully specialized in pre-made stand-up pouches and related solutions. The year was also important as the Group completed the acquisition of a substantial higher stake in two previously acquired companies in China, such as Guangzhou Secure Packaging Co., Ltd. in Guangdong and Secure HY Packaging Co., Ltd., in Jiangsu; this move strengthened the Group’s pouch manufacturing and laminates production capacities serving the domestic and the Australasian markets, in collaboration with its longstanding Japanese partner Hosokawa Yoko Co., Ltd.

With the most recent international developments, the Group has strengthen its global footprint and successfully addressed new markets; it is further exploring additional growth opportunities since the reinforced production and commercial network offer new business development prospects across the globe.

“By extending our service approach throughout our global alliance and partners’ network the Group increases and strengthens the high-level product and service portfolio it offers to its customers all over the world. With the Group’s firm commitment to internationalization we want to be close to our customers and enrich our high quality packaging solutions”, said Michele Guala, CEO.

Ultimately, thanks to its international synergies in production, logistics and distribution, the GualapackGroup will be closer to the each “glocal” market, with high quality products that ranges from baby food and fruit pouches to dairy and beverage packaging, in addition to non-food applications, cost-effective solutions and customized supply services.

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