Cama Group awarded at Automation Fair in Chicago

Cama Group awarded at Automation Fair in Chicago, November 2015

Cama wins the 2015 Rockwell Automation Fair Contest. The CL175 machine, a brilliant example of the Cama Break-Through Generation systems, will be displayed at Automation Fair in Chicago IL, USA,  November 18-19 2015, in Integrated Architecture booth, no. 1256.

The Cama system exhibited clearly highlights that the combination of the Rockwell iTrack with a side loading principle equates to a signigicant evolution in packaging automation: the CL175 engineered by Cama is a “pitchless” cartoner.
Thanks to the flexibility given by the electronic carton carriers independently moving on the iTrack, the loading unit is not limited to the box’s pitch.
This technological advancement provides the following:
–        Wide variety of different size boxes can be handled by the system.
–        Every format can run at its maximum speed.
–        Quick and easy automatic format change.

A New Side Loading Concept part of the new Break-Through Generation Systems
This new Side Loading concept, called CL175, was engineered by Cama to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency. This System is designed to meet the expectations of customers looking for a solution capable of attaining rapid changeover to different speeds, product sizes and at times relevant product variations and carton dimensions. This is not simply a New Cartoner, but a COMPLETE SYSTEM which can be an alternative to a Cartoner integrated with Top Loading Unit.
Cama’s CL175 new side loading cartoner offers maximum flexibility with minimal changeover. In summary, the CL 175 consists of three main operating stations. In the first station, the carton blank is picked from the storage station, opened and placed into the moving pockets. In the next stage, the formed carton moves to the product insertion station. Two cartons at a time are picked and placed in continuous motion, with movers adapting their speed to the rotary feeder’s movement. The cartons remain in the load position to receive products. As this step is completed, the cartons are moved towards the final closure station, which can work in continuous or intermittent mode. “The movers are electronically aligned with the devices operating in the different stations; they move independently of each other and adapt to different speed requirements”, Cama Group Operations Director, Riccardo Panepinto explains.

Cama North America is the Cama Group subsidiary in the USA, Canada and Mexico
After expanding their sales, manufacturing and aftermarket service to cover the United States, Canada and Mexico, Cama USA is now doing business as Cama North America. Cama North America provides one-stop sourcing for integrated robotic, cartoning, case packing and sleeving solutions. Cama North America provides primary and secondary machinery and systems for food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical packaging operations.

Automation Fair, McCormick Place, Chicago IL, USA, Nov 18-19 2015
Integrated Architecture booth, no. 1256.


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