JBT Corporation’s Fresh’n Squeeze® juicer line makes a splash at HOST 2015

JBT Corporation’s Fresh’n Squeeze® juicer line makes a splash at HOST 2015 with new branding and prototype

MFJHOST 2015 marks first public appearance of new Multi Fruit Juicer prototype, alongside new branding for the Fresh’n Squeeze range

JBT Corporation has launched new branding and an innovative Fresh’n Squeeze Multi Fruit Juicer for its high-grade fruit juice system at this year’s HOST 2015 exhibition in Milan, Italy,
giving visitors a chance to view a machine capable of producing 100 litres of juice an hour.
Internationally recognised as producing the highest yielding juice currently available, JBT’s Fresh’n Squeeze juicer range offers top quality fruit juice for the foodservice industry, and has already proven popular in markets worldwide.
With the lowest levels of citrus peel oil of any system of its type, JBT’s Fresh’n Squeeze Citrus Juicer and Multi Fruit Juicer are the preferred choices of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and juice bars.
As well as showcasing the full Fresh’n Squeeze juicer range, JBT used the occasion of HOST to display for the first time the prototype of the new model of the Multi Fruit Juicer, a system that has
been designed to produce up to 100 litres of high-grade fruit juice per hour.
Also on show was the Fresh’n Squeeze Produce Plus Juicer, a machine with the largest capacity currently available on the market for producing smoothies and fresh vegetable juices.
Added value Fresh’n Squeeze Point-of-Sale juicers provide a high quality product that can add value to consumerfocused and foodservice businesses alike. The system’s design provides a fresh tasting, high quality juice by segregating the oil content, which is responsible for the bitter taste.
Far from being focused solely on citrus, Fresh’n Squeeze sales engineer Ignacio Gonzalez said the system could deliver consistent juice quality from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, in the
process eliminating unwanted seeds, peel, and excess fibre.

He said: “Fresh’n Squeeze juicers can process a wide variety of fruits such as apples, grapes, pears, strawberries, pineapples, mangos, guava, kiwifruit, as well as vegetables – carrots, celery, tomato, beets. It is a versatile machine which processes and blends most vegetables and fruits.”
Fresh’n Squeeze juicers employ batch processing using whole fruits, which saves time on labor and provides optimal quality and yield. Its modern and sanitary design, which is easy to clean, requires minimum down-time and maintenance costs, delivering a longer juice shelf life.
From the safety side, Fresh’n Squeeze juicer design is completely enclosed without exposed parts, providing optimum safety for operators.

Full information about the Fresh’n Squeeze juicer range can be found at: www.freshnsqueeze.com.
For more information about JBT, please visit www.jbtcorporation.com.


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