Z.Matik: machines for bakeries and pastry shops

The company Z.matik has thirty years experience in the production of machines for bakeries and pastry shops, especially of sheeters manuals, groups for croissant, work tables, planetary mixers and rollers cutting steel AISI 304.With a choice the most appropriate materials Z. matik guarantees robustness and ease of use in all types of machines.

The functionality, robustness, ease of use are essential elements of machines Slicing Z.matik, whose versatility allows use in small and medium laboratories. The materials used and minimum maintenance required for a good result are the sheeter Z.matik a valuable asset.

The Z.matik sheeters can be supplied in various models: Bench SF500BN, SF500BL (500×500, 500×750) , with base SF500N, SF500L (500×750, 500×1000), SF600N, SF600L (600×1000, 600×1400) and SF600LT (600×1400 with cutting station).

The model SF600L, product symbol of the company, now enjoys an innovative design. All sheeters Z.matik are willing to retractable shelves, dual controls (rocker pedal) cylinder diameter 80 mm and 47 mm opening.

On request the Z.matik sheeters can be supplied in stainless steel 304 and also you can apply the 2-speed motor or inverter to customer needs.
The company’s latest innovation is the automatic sheeter available in three versions: SF6514A (650×1400 mm), SF6516A (650×1600 mm), SF6520A (650×2000 mm).
This machine allows the customer to choose the mode of operation (manual, semiautomatic, automatic); it also has the presence of some options, including the cutting station, with a roller, flour sifter, stainless steel version AISI 304.

The convenient panel 5.7 “color touch screen allows you to choose the most suitable system for processing and storing 50 recipes.







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