DIMA S.r.l.: Compact 500 – A machine for quality cheese

DIMA S.r.l.: Compact 500 – A machine for quality cheese

DIMA S.r.l.: Compact 500 – A machine for quality cheese

Its name is Compact 500; it is a machine for continuous cutting, stretching and moulding of stretched (pasta filata) cheeses.

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Bearing DIMA’s trademark – since 1983 leader in the development of products for the milk and dairy industry in Italy and throughout the world -, this machine offers simple operation, compact structure, for the production of stretched cheeses up to 500 kg per hour.



The DIMA COMPACT 500 machine has an adjustable production capacity up to 500 kg/h and is suitable for medium and small production; it can be equipped with interchangeable moulding parts for the production of various types of cheeses. Mozzarella, from 1 to 500 grams, is obtained with various moulding drums. Cylindrical products, like pizza cheese up to 5 Kg, are obtained thanks to a conveyor with 2 forming tubes. Other special products like “scamorza” cheese strings”, “sfoglia cheese” … are all and easily possible to be produce, with the same machine!

COMPACT 500 consists of a slicing section, where the curd blocs are sliced by means of a special rotating disc. The curd, exiting this area, is fed to the cooking section of the machine. Here, the product is moved forward by means of two variable speed augers, and is heated and moistened by the continuous introduction of hot water. Water temperature, quantity and level are all adjustable. By means of the augers, the curd is then transferred to the stretching section which is performed, then, by means of tow variable speed stretching arms. Even in this section, it is possible to adjust the inflowing water quantity according to the processed product. The pasta filata, which comes out through a special unloading opening, is continuously fed to the moulding section, designed for the production of spherical mozzarella or other kinds of cheeses.



The DIMA range of products is richly wide to satisfy a worldwide market:

  • Cheese Vats for milk coagulation.
  • Whey Draining System.
  • Curd Slicers.
  • Stretching Machines – traditional with water heating
  • Stretching Machines – with steam heating
  • Mini Compact Machines – ALL IN ONE!
  • Automatic Dry Salting Units.
  • Moulding Machines: for any size and shape.
  • Automatic Cooling Lines.
  • Automatic Brining Lines.
  • Product Distribution and Feeding of the packaging machines: Patented Systems

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