Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)

Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)

carbonated beverages complete plant10 carbonated beverages complete plant11 carbonated beverages complete plant9 carbonated beverages complete plant8 carbonated beverages complete plant7 carbonated beverages complete plant6 carbonated beverages complete plant5 carbonated beverages complete plant4 carbonated beverages complete plant3 carbonated beverages complete plant2 carbonated beverages complete plant1





































Details of the plant machinery are as given below;

Equipment was producing 2Ltr x 18000 bottles an hour ( 12 x 1500 packs )

Blow Moulder ( 24 head – SIDEL )

Cap feeder ( infeed + outfeed conveyors – SIDEL )

Airveyor ( transport bottels to rinser – NEU TRANS )

Rinser ( PROCOMAC)

Filler, Capper ( 96 head filler + 4 head capper – KHS DELTA )

Slatted Conveyor ( H&K )

Labeller ( handles 1.5,2.0 L bottels – KHS CHARMICHAEL )

Label Detector ( HEUFT )

Inkjet coder ( DOMINO )

4 lane over wrapper ( Nordson gluing unit – KARL KIESTERS )

Heat tunnel ( siemens simatic touch control – ZEVA )

Conveyors Carbonator ( 1380 Ltr Tank & ABB ‘commando 1990’ control – H&K )

Batching Plant ( two 14000 Ltr vessels – DESSEL ‘ DIMA-C’ Batch mixing system.

The entire equipment is complimented with conveyors system.
Complete with instruction & technical manuals for the machines mentioned.

Total price C&F anywhere in the world : 785000 EUROS

Installation can be undertaken at a cost of 120,000 EUROS.

Equipment was updated throughout running at Coca Cola Factory at Wakefield U.K until the end of 2013. ( where it was last used )


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