Caseartecnica Bartoli produces machineries for the processing of milk and the production of cheese

logo_cas_tracciatiSince 1950, Caseartecnica Bartoli produces machineries for the processing of milk and the production of cheese. Born in Parma, it has always worked closely with Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano dairies, supplying equipment for the automation and the development of all activities involved: from agitators to Portioning machines.
Nowadays, after a long-standing experience, it has turned its attention specifically to the packaging industry using its knowledge for the production of solutions dedicated to the cutting of hard and semi-hard cheeses, suitable for both big and small packers and retailers.
Machines that, from the simplest to more complex ones, cover a wide range of requests from both small and large retail chains.

The entire production of Caseartecnica Bartoli is stainless steel and entirely made in Italy. Durable and “eternal”, they offer the guarantee of a long life.

Some of these machines are listed here with the following characteristics:

Automatic Portioning machine with double blade, for variable weight products. Rock 22
Automatic machine to cut the cheese into pieces with variable weights.
Programmable cuts: 1/2; 1/4; 1/8; 1/16; 1/32.
Custom cuts: instant change of the cutting disc with automatic setup by the PLC.
Automatic Portioning machine for fixed weight products. Rock 23
Ideal to cut the cheese in pieces with a preset weight.
Main features: reduced dimensions, processing of both slices and half cheese, integrated automatic weighing, automatic ejection of the pieces, possibility to automate the entire working cycle from the entrance to the exit of the cheeses.

Automatic disks cutter. Rock 21
It allows to extract The heart of cheese and automatically cut it into two equal parts or to mill the crust for the subsequent subdivision into disks of variable weight. Automatic ejection of cheese.

Semi-automatic portioning machine for variable weight cuts. Rock 20 Plus
Ideal for cutting hard and semi-hard cheeses in portions of the desired weight. It allows to cut the cheese into “rock” portions (similar to the manual cutting) or smooth cuts depending on the blades, and to choose between the functions of fixed or variable weight.. Main features: automatic weighing with external scale interfaced with the PLC.

Semi-automatic portioning machine. Rock 20
It allows to cut semi-automatically the half cheese in a “rock” way (similar to the manual cut). It produces cuts of the desired weight, easily and effortlessly. Using smooth blades it allows to cut all kinds of hard and semi-hard cheeses.

Semi-automatic sectioning machine for “rock” pieces of cheese. Rock 13

It allows to cut horizontally the cheese into two “rock” equal pieces (similar to the manual cut). Using smooth blades it becomes ideal to cut semi-automatically any kind of hard and semi-hard cheese.

Electric sectioning table. Rock 16

It cuts the cheese horizontally into two equal parts Permette di tagliare orizzontalmente la forma in due parti uguali with an electric wire. It includes a kit for semi-automatically divide the chhes in discs.


Portioning machines for counter. Rock 18 e Rock 19
Small machines which offer the possibility to cut the wire or with the blade (to cut the cheese into “rock” or smooth pieces) all types of cheese, both horizontally and vertically. Designed for the counter of supermarkets, they are made to meet the needs of small packers.

Automatic cleanser.
Suitable for the dry cleaning of the cheese’s rind, It allows to either pack or to grate it. Depending on the program set, it cleans the cheese in a more or less deep way.


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