P.E.T. Engineering – 1L Milk bottle with DCU. The alternative to HDPE and carton for Milk

For info please contact +39 0362 244182, or mail to info@itfoodonline.com.

monolayer PET bottle

1L Milk bottle with DCU. The alternative to HDPE and carton for Milk


To develop an alternative monolayer PET bottle to alternative to multilayer HDPE and carton for ESL and UHT milk to decrease the production cost.


Schermata 2014-08-27 alle 09.13.34P.E.T. Engineering and Novapet, in collaboration with Husky Injection Molding Systems, work together on barrier materials and additives to make PET be the most suitable material for any liquid product, especially for sensitive ones which require full light prevention to preserve all the properties and taste.

At the same time, P.E.T. Engineering is focused on the reduction of production costs while maintaining a high mechanical performance of the container.

The result of this cooperation is an ultra-light bottle for milk weighing only 19.5g for extended shelf life milk and 21.5g for UHT, which means, respectively, 15.2% and 10.4 % less than the weight of the lightest containers currently on the market.

This new light-weight, together with a combined study on preform and container, comes also from the use of DCU, an alternative to multilayer preforms currently used in the dairy industry. DCU, by Novapet, allows the same barrier performance of a multilayer preform but with lower machinery costs because it is an additive that can easily be added to PET using a single-stage process. The great simplicity of its injection process leads to a reduced production waste and the light-weighting permits less production costs per bottle. From today the
monolayer PET bottle is a real alternative to multilayer HDPE and carton for ESL and UHT milk.

The 1L milk bottle with DCU was among the finalist in the Best packaging innovation category in the 2014 World Dairy Innovation Awards.

For info:
Elisa Zanellato, Marketing & Communication Manager, +39 0438 403069 –e.zanellato@petengineering.com

P.E.T. ENGINEERING: Set up in 1999, in just over ten years P.E.T. Engineering has acquired a leading position in the international PET containers planning and industrialisation market with a client portfolio which includes some of the most exclusive beverage companies: PepsiCo, Nestlé Waters, Heineken, Carlsberg, Granarolo, Parmalat, Levissima, Baltika, SanPellegrino, Inbev, Ferrero, to cite but a few. Ahead of the times in terms of market requirements, attentive to the present and projected into the future, P.E.T. Engineering is synonymous with design, innovation and Made in Italy. All this makes it the ideal partner for any beverage packaging requirements. For info: http://www.petengineering.com


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