Final exams for Mini Motor products

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geared motors


Advanced automatic final testing system records and certifies that every geared motor meets technical requirements set in advance: a certainty for the producer that turns important guarantee for the customer.

geared motors (5)At Mini Motor it is time for exams, or tests actually. We are talking about particular tests that enable to grant, or certify exactly, the excellence of “made in Mini Motor” with reliable data to be traced back also in the future. To this regard, the company has adopted an automatic final testing system for every single geared motor, once assembled, to undergo specific controls before delivery to customers.
geared motors (4)The system consists of a line equipped with state-of-the-art devices. Operators intervene in the three phases that follow. Firstly, after receiving a geared motor from the assembly line, an operator applies on it a QR code and gets it ready with wiring for the following tests. Secondly, the geared motor is started and connected to electronic geared motors (3)equipment that automatically read speed, noise and dielectric strength values; the product goes back to production for further analysis in case of values exceeding or failing the parameters set. The values recorded combine to make a complete file on the geared motor – also inclusive of a picture geared motors (2)of it – which stands as a real identity card, together with a “rating card”. This file is then saved in a dedicated server where all data of Mini Motor production is archived. Thirdly, the geared motor is made ready for delivery. To get higher safety, a numerical code is added to the product before its final seal by geared motors (1)means of metal plate showing serial number and other relevant information. The result of the test is briefly noted on a special list certifying that the test has been carried out and accompanying the product right to the receiver.
Mini Motor final testing system praises accuracy, which together with quality and efficiency, is cardinal part of the corporate mission. This system enables Mini Motor to configure a parameter standard, a sound reference for the company and, at the same time, also further important guarantee for final customers.


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