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Pannello mix V3SATO is one of the most common Japanese surnames but Mr. Yo Sato, founder of the company in 1940, decided that it would become exactly like Ernest, the protagonist of the famous novel by Wilde, that is synonymous of honesty, reliability and durability.
And that promise has consistently realized in the years to come in which the far-sighted vision of Mr. Sato has shifted the focus of its business from the production of machines for the packaging industry to the idea of ​​the first manual pricing machines in the world and, in the late ‘ 70, coming in the digital printing and automatic identification market with the creation of the first thermal label printer in the world as well as the winning idea of ​​the first printing module dedicated to the systems of Printing and Application.
The constant research and innovation company has resulted in a dominant presence in the Asian market with the production of printers and specific consumables to be one of the recognized leaders in the global thermal printing particularly in the industrial sector.
The reliability of the products, the quantity of proposed solutions, the high quality of technical support, the availability of spare parts on the machines currently in production but also for obsolete machines for several years, the dedication to partneship in providing solutions for the most diverse industrial needs and economically sustainable, continuous attention to the environment and to the harmonious development and efficient use of work activities have made SATO a brand that, once put to the test, customers no longer leave “once SATO, SATO always! “seems to be the motto of our customers …
The SATO products cover the full range of industrial applications, the CG series as entry level machine for distributed applications to CL, GL and PRO dedicated to high volume printing, the print modules where SATO is the absolute reference of the market with historic M84xxSe series and the latest S84 and LT to special machines such as TG3 High Duty with cutter disc or the M10, the only printer with a width of 250 mm or TH2 printers dedicated to stand Alone with the AEP system.
SATO can also provide special materials for all types of applications including some materials built specifically to solve some specific needs (such as antibacterial bracelets or adhesive linerless for mobile printers).
Finally SATO’s commitment to creating a more Ecological works environment with the continued reduction of the energy consumption of our factories and production processes and the research effort that comes with ECO Label with low C02 impact and completely biodegradable.
In short, we do everything possible because, as our founder, SATO continues to live up to our motto inherent in the symbol: Ceaseless Creativity for a Sustainable World

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