BEMA designs and manufactures STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES for palletised loads.

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BEMA, specialized in the production of STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES for palletized loads for beverage, food and tissue industries, has revolutionized the concept of pallet wrapping by introducing the use of robotics and the 1000mm film reel.
SILKWORM is equipped with a system associating the information coming from the data tracking of the lines upstream with the wrapping recipes already set through the system interface: the machine is then able to adjust, in addition to the pre-stretching, also the film dispensing and the lay-on-force on the product, granting a heavy reduction of film consumption. This feature is particularly useful in cases where different types of product with different features and wrapping requirements converge on the wrapper. SILKWORM allows the set up of wrapping recipes according to the characteristics of the product to be wrapped and all configuration parameters of the recipe can be set through the operation panel, without having to intervene on the machine.

All SILKWORM range models can also be equipped with an automatic wrapping head changeover feature*:  the LS system can be equipped with 2 complete wrapping heads and the TURBO system can be provided with 3 complete heads.
In case of maintenance or failure of one wrapping head, this will not impact the system speed and the operator can intervene in a safe area without having to interrupt the production cycle. The head changeover time is 30 seconds for the TURBO range and 60 seconds for the LS range.
The wrapping heads can be equipped with a specific mechanical device based on roping technology. This specialized roping feature is designed to obtain a multiple-sized film grouping during the wrapping operation of the palletized loads. This is useful for different aims: the micro-rope (30-50 mm of film bunching) is extremely useful for stabilizing particularly delicate products, the rope (100 mm of film bunching) is used to stabilize products which offer high resistance to deformation, the super-rope (total film bunching) is used to join half-pallets together (patented system). On the basis of the preset recipe the machine is able to automatically apply the rope in any pallet position.  The benefit of this specialized roping feature is that it increases load stability while reducing the quantity of film needed.The SILKWORM wrapping system allows the best exploitation of the volumes granting the pallet stability even in multi-layer storage situations and cuts the potential costs which result from inadequate wrapping (product returns, product re-processing, failed delivery…) Speed, saving, productivity, flexibility.
The dream of every company becomes reality with BEMA, whose aim is to foster its growth trend by focusing on R&D, offering custom-tailored solutions, improving after-sales services while striving to be the strong and reliable business partner customers expect.
*automatic wrapping head changeover not available for LS BASIC 30-50


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