Visys launches world’s first Fusion Sorter – the new state-of-the-art in sensor-based sorting.

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B-Hasselt, USA-Sacramento October 15, 2012VISYS Sorting introduces new game-changing possibilities in the world of sensor-based sorting technologies with a remarkable world premiere “The Fusion Sorter”. Visys is the global recognized technology leader for high-end digital sensor-based sorters to the food processing industry and has launched since 2004 a significant contribution to global innovation in this space. Visys fully digital sorters detect and remove foreign bodies as well as defective, undesirable or contaminated product from good product streams on differences in Color, Structure, Shape, Density, Bioprint (chemical composition) or any combination thereof in one sorting pass. Visys award-winning technologies are highly unique and novel. They are based on Laser Optics, Bioprint, Color Sensors (RGB, VIS, CMYK) and X-Ray. Depending on the sorting requirements Visys proposes a dedicated sorting solution customized to a customer’s individual need.

Visys is the global pioneer in digital sorting technology and is responsible for world’s first Digital Laser Sorter, the first self-learning Smart Laser Sorter and more recently world’s first Bioprint Sorter. Since 2011 the Bioprint Sorter revolutionized the sorting world as it separates the good from the bad product based on the chemical compositions with defect loads up to 50% effortless. Indeed you read this correctly, defect loads up to 50%, with most cases false rejects below 2%” comments Marnik Meuwissen- Visys Marketing-

As part of the Visys “Global2020vision” product roll-out, Visys launches a series of new game-changing optical technologies over the next years. The Fusion Sorter is next in line following the in 2011 successfully launched Bioprint Sorter. The world-premiere is this time for the prestigious European IPA-SIAL exhibition in Paris. By combining the highest precision ejection rate with ultra-high defect loads and different detection possibilities in a single sorting pass fused on a single sorter, Visys continues to be by far the recognized technology leader in the sorting sector. The Fusion Sorter derives its name form the way it fuses date derived from multiple light sources and sensors at the same time and merge this data (fusing) into a new unique sorting capability delivered by means of a new digital platform “Enygma”. The first of these paradigm shifting Sorters will be the Mantys Fusion Sorter showcased for the first time at the IPA – SIAL Paris show. Besides the Mantys, a new model of the Bioprint Sorter, the Cayman FX, will be added and also be showcased at the IPA – SIAL.

Whatever your defect, Visys sorts it out” has become a well-known catch phrase in the world of optical and laser sorting. The Fusion Sorter will set a new standard in the sorting world by fusing sorting data in an enriched sorting experience. Together with the successful Bioprint Sorter and the robust Digital Laser Sorters, Smart Laser Sorters and X-ray Sorters, Visys ensures no defect stays hidden at most steps in the processing line.

Visys sorting experts can be met at the IPA – SIAL or be contacted for a personalized demo at one of the Visys sorting experience centers in the USA, Europe or Asia.

Visys has announced it will further showcase at the following upcoming exhibitions and congresses :

IPA –SIAL PARIS, France October 21 – 25, 2012

Pack Expo CHICAGO, USA October 28 – 31, 2012

Interpom KORTRIJK, Belgium November 25 – 27, 2012

Almond Congress SACREMENTO, USA December 11 – 13, 2012

INC Congress BARCELONA, Spain May 21 – 23, 2013

Visys’ current Fusion Sorters, Laser Sorters and Bioprint Sorters are all chute-fed through an infeed shaker taking care of a perfect product spread and feeding to the infeed Chute. Visys
patented infeed chute, trademarked as the Chycane Chute
TM is one of many unique features which take Visys Sorters to the top spot in the world of sensor-based sorting when it comes to Yield. The Chycane ChuteTM brings the infeed product in a monolayer in front of the optics and subsequent ejection valves for maximum efficiency and yield. The monolayer is essential for precision detection and ejection of the defects, ensuring a very low false reject rate.

The image below shows the working principle of a double sided laser Sorter. The infeed,
detection, precision ejection and chute systems are the same on almost all sorting
applications Visys offers today.

You name it, we sort it out!


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