WWW.ITFOODONLINE.COM – DOMINIONI From ready-made dishes to typical regional pasta

Machines for cappelletti, ravioli, gnocchi, garganelli, orecchiette. But also boilers, dryers, pasteurizers and presses: the techniques for the transformation of pasta hold no secrets for Dominioni

Dominioni Punto&Pasta has been active on the international market for forty years now, and is specialised in the construction and installation of machinery and systems for fresh or dry pasta, in particular for the following types of products: filled pasta such as tortellini, cappelletti, ravioli, fagottini or saccottini; gnocchi, sheet pasta such as tagliatelle, long and short pasta (both fresh and to be dried), cannelloni, lasagne and pre-cooked pasta. The Head Office is located in Lurate Caccivio (Co), with a subsidiary in Senigallia (An) and operative centres worldwide.

The brand is already well-known in Europe, Canada, Argentina, the United States, Brazil, Australia and Russia both for the quality of the machinery as well as for the technical assistance we supply. “Our main goal is to provide our clients with a global consultancy service”, says the owner Pietro Dominioni, “accompanying them step after step in the various phases of the project, beginning with the elaboration of the initial idea until the final supply of the systems”. One of the fundamental characteristics of the installation is represented by the quality materials used when building the machines and our innovative technology.

The range includes more than 100 different types of machine, with productions that range from 20 kg/h to 1,000-2,000 kg/h in the larger systems. The machines can also produce a wide range of pasta shapes, including special pastas that are typical of regional production. Currently the company exports their technology all over the world to all sectors of food production but in particular in the following categories: food industry, workshops and small pasta makers, restaurants, bakeries, delicatessens, canteens, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Lines for cannelloni and lasagne

As well as a wide standard range of products, the company can also produce made-to-measure industrial systems built according to client specifications. The lines are created to satisfy the needs of all our clients and even the smallest pasta shop, and include all the phases of mixture, cooking and packaging. They are polyvalent lines, that can be used for both the production of lasagne and cannelloni as well as for cooking short and filled pasta.


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