WWW.ITFOODONLINE.COM – ACMA at Interpack: cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts for the packaging industry

The Companies of Coesia Group will show at Interpack on a total surface of two thousand square meters.  Acma will occupy more than five hundred square meters to show eight new packaging machines and for the very first time a complete chocolate plant. Chocolate products will be moulded and wrapped or flow-packed by the machines on show.  This is what Acma will be offering to its customers, visitors and members of the trade press at Interpack 2011,  from  12 to 18 May 2011, in Hall 6. Acma will also put on show  the “green machine”, an innovative energy management concept for the first time applied to packaging machines.

Acma has been a member of the Coesia group since 1986, and boasts over 90 years of experience in the automatic machinery industry, being the founder of Bologna’s Packaging Valley Department. Today  M.C. Automations, TecnoSweet and Tecnomeccanica are part of  Acma. Altogether the Group has a annual  turnover of 86 million  Euro  and counts    over 400 skillful employees. Acma successfully operates in the confectionery, food, chemical and personal hygiene  industry.

Acma business activities are ramified into six core competencies, each related to different commodity sectors:


     Confectionery and Bakery à candy packaging flow pack, packaging of sweets, chewing gums and biscuits

     Chocolate & Wafer à chocolate moulding and packaging of chocolates and  wafers

     Food Filling à packaging of liquid food products  (oil, dairy, ketch-up, mayonnaise, beverage)

     Soap & Powder à packaging of soap and detergent powder

     Chemical Filling à packaging of  homecare and chemical liquid products

     Tea Bags à packaging of tea bags.

Acma will be participating  at Interpack on the Coesia stand in Hall 6 and will show the following equipment :


  • NEW !  SP0 flow-pack machine for biscuits.


  • NEW !  M888 wrapper for chocolate pralines and candies.
  • NEW !  MC4TB wrapper for chocolate tablets.
  • NEW !  SP2 flow-pack machine for chocolate bars.


  • NEW !  TSW moulding line and Buffer for chocolate products.
  • T2 tea bag packaging machine.


  • WM bottle filling and capping monobloc machines for  liquid food products.
  • 771DL wrapper for  solid soaps.

The machines on show will feature cutting-edge technological solutions, with applications in numerous packaging sectors. Acma, through the acquisition of M.C. Automations and TecnoSweet, expresses increasingly greater commitment and know-how in chocolate process and packaging technologies.  A live demo will be on show at Interpack : the machines  M888, MC4TB and SP2 will be linked with the chocolate moulding line for packaging of different chocolate products into several presentations.

The flow-pack machines are also available in the configuration for the wrapping of solid soaps  and detergent tablets.

The secondary packaging will not be on show, but a large screen located in the Acma space will show the most significant end of line packaging systems  delivered by TecnoSweet.

ACMA is part of COESIA, a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally and headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Coesia’s companies are leaders in the sectors of

•          Advanced automated machinery

•          Quality inspection & printing systems

•          Precision gears

Coesia’s customers are the leading players in Health & Beauty, Consumer Goods, Tobacco and Aerospace & Racing industries

COESIA Group consists of twelve Companies: ACMA, ADMV, CIMA, CITUS, G.D, GDM,  Hapa, KALIX, Laetus, Norden, SACMO and VOLPAK. The group has 36 operating units, manufacturing factories in 12 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, USA, Brazil), 21 branches, a turnover of 871 million euro (2010) and over 3740 employees.

Historically, the first company of the Group, G.D, was founded in 1923 for the production of motorcycles. Since the early Forties, the creativity and inventiveness of the Seragnolis became the driving forces in the development of the Company in the packaging machines sector, first in the food and hygene industries, then in the tobacco field. More recently, the Group grew into new areas, represented by high-speed milling systems, high-performance gears, printing and vision control systems for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, which offered interesting prospects and business opportunities.

Today, COESIA Group members have reached a leading position in all sectors in which they operate. COESIA’s strategy of continual investments in R & D and its commitment to supplying customers value-added solutions to their requirements has made it one of the most successful international industrial Groups.


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