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Gopack d.o.o. is located in Nova Gorica, in western part of Slovenia, near the Italian border, about 100 km from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and 100 km from Venice.

Thanks to our experience, which dates back to 1990 and more than 500 machines sold, Gopack can offers its client a very wide range of packaging machines and complete automatic lines designed and created to meet the packaging market demands. Equipped with the latest technology, these machines are designed to ensure high production efficiency and low maintenance and are characterized by the “Friendly Operation Side” concept: the machine user friendliness in fact improves operator’s life and reduces manual operation to a minimum.

Gopack machines are able to pack any sort of product such as powders, granulates, liquids, pastes or single pieces, and they are used in various sector of goods such as Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Chemicals.

The various models of Gopack machines are developed according to the needs of each individual client and are able to form, fill and seal various types of pack such as bags sealed on 3 sides, called “stickpack”, pyramidal sachet, called “tetrahedron”, bags sealed on 4 sides, pillow-pack, block bottom bag with 4 vertical seals, etc.

A further company strong point is represented by the production of fully automatic lines, in addition to single machines: highly personalized lines are developed and built according to the requirements of each client and of each specific market, from primary to secondary packaging.

Thanks to our competent and creative team, our efficient development department and a highly reliable production department, we are able to provide versatile machines and satisfy the vast market demand for packaging.

This is the only way to meet customer needs and provide them with exactly what they want.

Gopack offers to the customer a qualified technical service and quick intervention of specialized engineers who allow the customer’s requests and provide prompt support for any kind of problem.

Gopack also ensures the client with a supply of spare parts for the entire life of the machines.

MULTITUBE: machine for stick-packs

The multitube packaging machine forms, fills and seals tubular sachet sealed on 3 sides, called “sticks”, and pyramidal sachet, called “tetrahedrons”.

In base of the width of the stick-pack bag, the Multitube machine can be produced with output lanes ranging from 2 to 20 lines.

UPA RAPID: machine for classical or self-standing sachets

UPA RAPID is a vertical automatic packaging machine able to form, fill and seal the widest range of bag shape of single, double or multi-layer heat-sealable films.

UPA: machine for sachets sealed on 4 sides

UPA vertical packaging machine forms fills and seals four-side sealed rectangular sachets.

Depending of the product to be packed, all the machine can be equipped with appropriate dosing unit or combination of dosing unit (Multi-heads scales, Linear scales, Auger dosing unit, Volumetric dosing unit).

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